How Vault is Making At-Home Covid-19 Testing More Accessible For All

By The Vault Team

At Vault, we’re committed to offering specialized in-home treatments for better health—especially during these unprecedented times. 

We’re passionate about men’s health, but at the onset of the pandemic, we realized that we could do more to help all Americans get the information they need to stay safe. Which is why, in April, we partnered with RUCDR Infinite Biologics and Spectrum Solutions to become the first company to offer an at-home FDA EUA authorized saliva test for COVID-19, available not just for men, but for everyone. Since then, we’ve helped numerous individuals, companies, and organizations get access to fast and reliable testing. 

Today, we’re on a mission to help bring all Americans back to work and their daily lives. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Beginning in June, we helped summer camps to reopen safely. The tests, which include overnight shipping, easy-to-schedule Zoom appointments with providers, and lightning fast results—shipped back within 48 hours of the sample’s arrival at the lab—enabled countless children to resume an important part of their social lives this summer.

We’ve also partnered with national sports leagues to help get their athletes back on their feet. The flexibility of our saliva test has allowed athletes of the PGA, NBA, and NHL resume practice and games. Our fast results, paired with frequent testing, have enabled them to keep playing safely and responsibly.

In education, we’ve partnered with universities like Penn State, Ohio State, and Perdue to provide crucial information for their robust test and contract tracing programs. We’ve also worked on the state level, helping states like Minnesota test every teacher returning to in-person schooling (a total of almost 250,000 tests).

Finally, we’re doing our part to get travel back up-and-running. We’re proud to be the official testing service of JetBlue Airlines and the preferred testing partner for Hawaiian Airlines. Because many states now impose testing requirements before entry, we’re helping passengers get where they need to go.  

As our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Myles Spar, recently said: defeating this virus is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. By working with an all-star lineup of partners to provide access to reliable and accurate testing, we’re doing our part to ensure that we all cross the finish line toward a healthier life as soon as possible. 

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