New Treatment Kit Designed To Boost Sexual Performance `

By The Vault Team

Frustrations in the bedroom, like erectile dysfunction or low libido, can have adverse effects on your relationships and emotional health. While checking your testosterone levels is the first step in correcting any imbalances that may be affecting your performance, unwanted issues can linger regardless of whether you start using T or don’t need it.

If you’re having trouble connecting sexually with your partner (regardless of whether your T levels are normal or you are already on testosterone replacement therapy), Vault’s new Sex Kit may help. Our medical team crafted this kit to address the most common issues men experience in the bedroom. 

Each Sex Kit consists of two innovative treatments, the first of which is a troche that dissolves under your tongue and contains a combination of two medicines. The first is a PDE5 inhibitor that helps increase blood flow to the penis, which ultimately is what causes an erection. The second helps to boost dopamine in the brain, which in turn stimulates central arousal. 

The combination of medicines works both peripherally, by dilating the blood vessels, and centrally, by boosting dopamine in the brain, to help you get and maintain erections. All in all, this powerful treatment has proven very effective in managing erectile dysfunction.

Additionally, we couple this troche treatment with a powerful bonding hormone that bodies produce naturally in many scenarios, like when you have an extended hug with someone for 30 seconds or more. As a bonding hormone, it will help you feel more connected to your partner, and it also has the incredible side effect of increasing the intensity of orgasms. 

Along with improving your erections, the kit will also help you get more easily aroused, feel more connected with your partner, and experience a more intense orgasm. 

Ready to take your sex life to the next level? Learn more about the sexual performance kit and whether it is right for you by booking a zero-cost online visit.

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