Introducing Vault's New Performance Kits

By The Vault Team

At Vault, we are committed to helping men perform better in all aspects of their life, especially sexually, physically, and cognitively. That's why the medical team has created three new performance kits: 1) Sex; 2) Body; 3) Brain. To start the process, we check your hormone levels because if your testosterone is out of balance, then it will be nearly impossible to live up to your full potential in these three areas. 

But for some men–regardless of whether or not they are on testosterone replacement therapy–lingering symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, and low sex drive can be difficult to reset. The same is true for low mass and high body fat (which often go hand-in-hand).

We have created treatment kits to help every man regardless of testosterone levels, feel and look their best. These treatments might be right for you if your currently taking testosterone and want extra support or if your testosterone levels are normal, but you still don't feel your best. Our new performance kits are designed to help you reach your sexual, physical, and cognitive goals. 

Unlike over-the-counter solutions for these issues, our performance kits are prescribed by Vault providers during a virtual online visit. The entire process is supervised by a team of healthcare providers and only recommended if appropriate for your body and test results. 

Each of the performance kits have been carefully curated by Vault's medical team. These kits can help you build muscle, sleep better, and improve your sex life. Best of all, these cutting-edge solutions are made in a compounding pharmacy using high-quality ingredients so you can rest assured they are safe, effective, and easy-to-use.

To learn more about our performance kits and whether they are right for you, visit our treatments page and book an online visit today with a Vault provider.   

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