Get It Up Podcast: Kicking off the Series

By The Vault Team

At Vault, it’s not just about the treatments, (though they’re certainly a powerful draw). It’s also about the experts. Our clinical team and advisors are highly respected and widely published leaders in men’s health. Being a Vault member means having access to their minds—and since we launched, they’ve been busy answering a LOT of member questions.

 So many in fact, that our Chief Medical Officer, Myles Spar, MD; our Chief Clinical Officer, Alex Pastuszak, MD; and our founder, Jason Feldman decided to team up to offer their knowledge through a podcast that takes on some of the more practical, awkward, hilarious, relatable, mind-boggling, and fun questions around men’s health. 

 You can click here to listen to all the episodes of Get It Up, as well as subscribe to new ones. And if you have your own questions, call 917-267-7631 and leave a message. The trio may feature your question on an upcoming podcast.

 Here’s a preview of what to expect in the first five episodes:

 Episode 1: Frank and Beans: Ejaculation and Erections

Dr. Alex, Dr. Spar, and Jason answer a caller’s questions about ejaculation and erections—from how much is normal to how hard is hard enough. They also help out Jason’s “friend” who’s having some trouble lasting long enough, including sharing a surprising-but-useful trick to holding out longer. Lastly, they cover whether erectile dysfunction is as common as it seems and what it could actually mean. 

 Episode 2: Fix your Low T & Fix Your Little D

Today's caller, Aaron, doesn’t realize it, but he has textbook low testosterone. Dr. Spar, Dr. Alex and Jason discuss the existential crises of low T. Believing that erection problems, poor sex drive, irritability, weight gain, and muscle loss are just signs of aging, millions of men are suffering unnecessarily. In this caller’s case, high estrogen may be to blame, and the doctors talk about what to look for and how to fix it.

 Episode 3: Harder, Stronger, Longer

Today's caller, Will, wants to know the truth about size—and how much it really matters. Dr. Spar, Dr. Alex, and Jason dive deep into the science behind erections, the facts and myths of how to make your penis larger (does the pump really work?), how to accurately measure your size, and the difference between getting longer vs harder. 

 Episode 4: Fertility and the Male Biological Clock

 Today’s caller, Brent, wonders if his wife is right when she says that at 35, he could be facing fertility issues. Dr. Spar, Dr. Alex, and Jason clue him in on the truth about the male biological clock and how sperm are impacted by age and by life! They talk about ways to keep sperm youthful and “fit,” as well as new techniques to assess the quality of sperm, including a way to check your sperm age. Importantly, they cover the impact that taking testosterone has on fertility, sperm quality, and sperm quantity.

 Episode 5: Is It Her or Is It Him?

Today’s caller, Lisa, wonders why her boyfriend has lost all interest in having sex with her. She’s a self-proclaimed hottie. So, what gives? To answer that, Dr. Spar, Dr. Alex, and Jason talk about what impacts a man’s erections and libido—and what they and their partners can do to help things along. Of course “stage fright” is a real thing, but general stress, lack of good quality sleep, and especially low testosterone can all make it harder to, well...Get It Up. (See what we did there?)



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