3 Ways Testosterone Affects Body Composition and Physique

By The Vault Team

The effects of testosterone can be seen throughout the body, impacting everything from mood to muscle growth and fat storage. When the body does not produce an adequate amount of testosterone, many of these functions become impaired, resulting in symptoms ranging from reduced intimacy desires and energy to mood changes and difficulty concentrating.

  1. Weight Gain

    One of the most noticeable visual effects of low testosterone is weight gain. Testosterone is a hormone that catalyzes many bodily processes by attaching to androgen receptors, many of which are found in muscle tissue. When your body is not producing enough testosterone, androgen receptors remain inactive, putting your body into a catabolic state resulting in an increase in fat storage in the body.

  2. Muscle Loss

    Similar to weight gain, when the body is in a metabolic state, it stops building muscle and begins to break down muscle tissue, resulting in muscle loss and a slower metabolism.

  3. Increased fat in the mid-section

    In an Australian study, men with low levels of testosterone gained 14% more body fat and 22% more visceral (internal abdominal) fat over a period of one year compared to men with normal testosterone levels. Increased fat storage in the body inhibits testosterone production, producing a cyclical problem that can cause testosterone levels to drop even more.

Treatment Options:

Testosterone therapy can be an attractive and effective solution to muscle loss and weight gain. The treatment replenishes your supply of testosterone, converting your body back to an anabolic (muscle building) state. By contributing to muscle growth, testosterone therapy also kick-starts your metabolism, assisting in weight loss and improved overall body composition.

Vault's goal is to provide men with access to testosterone therapy so that no man needs to live with testosterone deficiency. In addition to elevating the standard for men’s health, Vault provides access to clinics that serve as places for men to get answers about testosterone deficiency symptoms, treatments, benefits, and overall male health.

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