How Peptides Can Naturally Boost Growth Hormone Production

By Myles Spar, MD

In case you’ve missed the hype, peptides are a trending topic right now, especially in the anti-aging and regenerative medicine world. We’ve written a lot about their benefits for men’s health, particularly when it comes to body composition and brain functioning.

To recap, peptides are a wide range of short chains of less than 50 amino acids that can be produced naturally in the body or synthetically in a lab. They can be hormones (like insulin), neurotransmitters, or signaling molecules (think ipamorelin or oxytocin). Their popularity, in part, is due to their effectiveness at targeting different receptors and triggering specific cellular responses within the body.

But when we talk about peptides and growth hormone, we’re specifically talking about growth hormone-releasing peptides (GHRPs). GHRPs work by helping the body to make more growth hormone without overtaking the whole growth hormone system, like what happens when you take somatotropin, or human growth hormone.

As you may have heard, somatotropin can come with some unwanted side effects, including a possible increased risk for cancer and diabetes. What’s more, it overtakes your body’s natural growth hormone production, which can also lead to fluid retention, joint and muscle pain, and even hyperglycemia.

But GHRPs work differently. They mimic a peptide produced by the hypothalamus and can help you to reap all the benefits of higher pulsations of growth hormone, without experiencing any of the side effects of taking human growth hormone itself. 

In addition to safely and effectively increasing your natural production of growth hormone, the benefits of taking GHRPs can include increased metabolism and energy levels, increased lean muscle mass, decreased body fat percentage, improved cardiac function and health, greater bone density, and improved immune response and injury recovery.

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Myles Spar, MD, MPH, is Vault Health’s Chief Medical Officer and a leading authority in integrative men’s health. Committed to empowering men to achieve their goals through greater wellbeing, he is an author, teacher, TED talk speaker, and a frequent contributor to Men’s Journal, the L.A. Times, and the Dr. Oz. show. Dr. Spar is a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School, is board certified in internal medicine, and has completed fellowships in health services research at UCLA (where he earned a masters in public health) and in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona.

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