How to Get in Shape for a Post-COVID Summer

By The Vault Team

The summer we’ve been waiting for is finally here: Thanks to the widespread national administration of vaccines, COVID cases are continuing to decline in the US. And with the CDC greenlighting pre-pandemic activities for vaccinated individuals, people all across the country are preparing for an uplifting season of socializing.

But with summer gatherings back on the table, summer bodies are also back on display. Here are some of our top strategies to help burn more body fat and build more muscle mass to boost your body confidence this season:

Take it Slow When Rebuilding Definition

It’s no surprise that months of quarantine and shelter-in-place put a damper on our collective exercise routines. Regardless of pre-pandemic physique, many guys have reported losing size and definition over this past year.

If you’ve just regained access to your gym or are restarting a training routine, it’s important to take things slowly. Start with a total-body strength training program three-to-four times a week to gauge your body’s readiness and recovery time. (Our Chief Medical Officer swears by his wearables when it comes to measuring these metrics.) If after one week of total body workouts you’re still feeling sore, keep at it before isolating your strength work to different muscle groups.  

Prioritize Nutrition

As the old adage goes, abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. Though there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to fitness—and low testosterone can make it particularly hard to shed belly fat—nutrition is important if you want to show off your six pack at the beach. Keeping track of your calorie intake with apps like MyFitnessPal and incorporating full-body high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your routine can help you stay in a calorie deficit and promote a higher metabolism. 

Leverage Vault’s Body Kits

Staying fit is rarely easy, but it gets even harder as we age. Data shows that improving body composition gets tougher for men over 40, even more so if you have low T

That’s where we come in. Our treatment plans were designed using the latest and best science to deliver targeted treatments to address your most important physical goals. 

For example, Vault’s Body Kit works to safely boost levels of growth hormone while our Vitamin B12 Fat Burner Kit can help your body burn fat while increasing your metabolic rate and regulating your sleep, mood, and appetite. If you have low T, our Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) treatment helps your body increase its T levels while improving common symptoms of low T that affect body composition—like increased body fat, poor sleep, and decreased energy. 

And because they all work in different ways with different targets, you can mix and match them for even better results

Best of all, when you become a member of the Vault community, you’ll have ongoing digital access to your Vault medical team so you can keep track of your progress—regardless of which treatment or treatment combination you choose, 

Ready to build that perfect summer physique? Book an online appointment to see what treatment combinations are right for you.

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