How Vault Goes Above and Beyond to Ensure Our Vaccination Sites are Fast, Efficient, and Safe

By The Vault Team

Since the start of this year, we’ve leveraged our technology and cutting-edge science to offer at-scale solutions for COVID-19 vaccine distribution. 

And we’ve seen our efforts deliver successful and scalable results: In four short months we’ve helped administer more than 250,000 vaccines safely and efficiently. 

The research is clear that the available vaccines are our best resource for preventing people from getting sick and eventually defeating this virus. 

Here’s how we go above and beyond to help distribute these vaccines to as many people as possible in a safe and monitored environment:

Vault Vaccination Sites Are Staffed By Physicians

With physicians on site, we ensure the vaccines are being administered correctly and that there is medical oversight to the entire process—especially after the vaccine is given, which is when reactions can occur. 

When appropriately monitored, a possible reaction to the vaccine is not cause for concern and no reason not to get the vaccine. We know that safety is paramount and make sure that a physician is there to help anyone who may have a negative reaction after receiving the vaccine.

We Ensure a Fast and Efficient Process

Using our platform, people can make appointments ahead of time and check in upon arrival. The process is fast and seamless—enabling everyone to get in and out in less than one hour, including mandatory observation time, regardless of site size. 

In fact, we’ve managed sites as large as 6,000 vaccinations in one day, and can attest to how fast and efficient the end-to-end process runs, with minimal wait times.

We’re One of the Largest Vaccinators

With experience in administering more than a quarter million vaccines across multiple states, we know how to make the process safe, seamless, and efficient. As we’ve helped administer vaccines in five states and growing, we’re proud to be a part of the solution in the fight against COVID-19.

Want to learn more about our COVID-19 solutions at speed and scale? Check out this page for more information on our commitment to population health.

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