Planning an International Trip? Here's How Vault Can Help

By The Vault Team

These days, travel restrictions and CDC requirements are changing regularly. In our quickly evolving landscape, we’re doing our part to improve access to Covid-19 testing and help all Americans travel safely inside and outside the US.

Last year, we were the first company to offer an at-home FDA EUA authorized saliva test for COVID-19. Since then, we’ve leveraged our testing technology to help travelers stay safe and comply with government regulations. 

First, we became the official testing partner of JetBlue Airlines, providing JetBlue travelers with an efficient at-home solution for testing. 

Soon afterward, we partnered with Hawaiian Airlines to enable passengers to order a pre-travel Covid-19 test from Vault and, upon receiving a negative result, qualify for exemption from the statewide mandatory travel quarantine. HawaiianMiles members can also redeem 14,000 points to order a Vault mail-in test kit, making this essential service even more accessible for HawaiianAirlines members. 

Then, we joined a partnership with CommonPass, JetBlue, and the Aruban government to help passengers comply with Aruba’s enhanced entry protocols and use the CommonPass QR code on their mobile device to avoid the mandatory quarantine.

Now, we’re helping JetBlue international travelers leverage Vault’s saliva-based Covid-19 test at-home or at their destination—and receive their results within 72 hours. For passengers headed to the US from Mexico, Aruba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, we can help you comply with new CDC testing requirements by shipping the test to and from these destinations. 

If you’re returning to the US, you’ll need to receive your negative result before your flight date. To help ensure the testing process goes smoothly, we’ve created a timeline chart to advise you when to order and take your test based on the day of your flight back to the US. You’ll also want to plan to take your test early in the morning and drop it off at your local UPS store before the same day’s final pick-up time. This will ensure that the package arrives at the lab the next day. 

In these times of uncertainty, we’re proud to help passengers like you get where you need to go safely. 

Think Vault can help you with your travel testing needs? Check out this page to learn more.

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