How We’re Providing At-Scale COVID-19 Vaccination Solutions in Minnesota, New Jersey, and Delaware

By The Vault Team

Over the past year, we’ve leveraged our technology and cutting-edge science to offer at-scale solutions at every stage of this unprecedented pandemic.

In the beginning, we partnered with RUCDR Infinite Biologics and Spectrum Solutions to become the first company to offer an at-home FDA EUA authorized saliva test for COVID-19

We also partnered with multiple municipalities, universities, and corporations to provide access to this fast and reliable testing. 

Now, we’re leveraging our resources to help states administer Covid vaccines to the people who need it most.

At this point, states have been given a limited supply of the vaccine, but distribution still poses significant challenges. What we’re doing is providing a scalable, turn-key solution to implementing adequate staffing, managing the vaccine cold chain, and facilitating patient follow-ups. Our approach has worked to increase distribution and ensure that the process is safe, organized, and efficient.

And we’ve seen it deliver successful and scalable results: In Minneapolis, we vaccinated nearly 9,700 patients in over three days. And, at the time of this writing, we’ve vaccinated about 1,500 people in just one day in Duluth. Other cities in Minnesota are soon to follow. 

Since the inception of our vaccination efforts, we've also been consistently vaccinating more than 2,000 people a week in Passaic County, New Jersey and Wilmington, Delaware. 

Many people still have questions about the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccine—and we get it. The vaccine, and the virus it protects against, are new. But the science irrevocably demonstrates that the vaccines aren’t just safe to use, they’re our best resource for preventing people from getting sick and eventually defeating this virus.

Here, our National Medical Director, Dr. Myles Spar, who has helped roll out our vaccination efforts, reflects on the emotional impact of this work: 

“It's definitely been an emotional experience—I continue to get choked up every day. In Minnesota, we’re vaccinating a lot of people 65 and over, and their tearful gratitude is overwhelming. So many are overjoyed that they can once again hug their grandkids—and for the first time in almost one year—they can imagine the world opening back up.”

At Vault, we’re proud to be part of the solution in the fight against Covid-19, and we strongly believe that our work to help as many people get vaccinated as possible is the best path forward to returning to work, our families, and our lives.

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