How A-List Celebrities and Professional Athletes Keep Their Immune Systems Strong

By The Vault Team

Our immune systems protect us against infection, disease, chronic fatigue, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and other serious ailments. Lifestyle habits like regular exercise, eating well, and getting quality sleep set a good foundation for immunity. But in today’s world, where the security of health feels more important than ever, it’s understandable to want some advanced protection. 

Professional athletes and top actors have long leveraged the power of immune-boosting ingredients to guard their health before important events. We used the same cutting-edge research to develop Vault’s Immunity Kit, so you can have the very best resources on hand, whenever you need it.

What’s In the Kit

The first ingredient in the Immunity Kit is a powerful peptide called thymosin alpha-1. Thymosin alpha-1 works to increase stimulation of the body’s immune activity to help fight infections, improve the overall defenses, and balance out the whole system. 

The second component is a shot of glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidants available for overall immunity that’s especially important in fighting off lung infections. Glutathione can also improve insulin sensitivity in older adults. A-list celebrities often rely on glutathione to keep them from getting sick before major events, like the Oscars.

When Might I Use the Kit?

Though the Immunity Kit can help strengthen your defenses at any time, here are three key events when the ingredients will be especially supportive:

When Symptoms Start

If you’re at the beginning stages of infection, our Immunity Kit can be especially helpful in supporting your immune system’s fight and shortening the time of infection. In some cases, the Kit may help stave off infection completely.

If You’re At Risk of Exposure

You may have recently been exposed to someone unwell, or perhaps you’re at a higher risk of getting sick. In both cases, Vault’s Immunity Kit can help keep your system strong and prevent infection.

Before an Important Event 

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Myles Spar, helped develop this kit after working with Los Angeles celebrities who could not afford to get sick. You might not be preparing for a movie shoot, but you can give yourself the same protection with Vault’s Immunity Kit. 

Want to help stave off infection and improve your immune response? Book an online visit to see if Vault’s Immunity Kit is right for you. 

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