The Link Between Depression And Low Testosterone

By The Vault Team

Nobody is immune to an occasional case of the blues. We’ve all been struck by sadness after an unfortunate event, a change in circumstances, or even a seasonal shift. But lingering drops in your happiness could be a sign of low testosterone. 

Testosterone is normally secreted in response to social, sexual, or physiological factors and has significant effects on the brain, mood, and behavior. Studies have shown that low T can have a myriad of unwanted effects on your mood and cognition. Lack of focus, irritability, and stress can all be triggered by declining testosterone levels, as can depression. 

In fact, researchers have found that the prevalence of depressive disorders in men increases as plasma testosterone levels drop. This effect is generally independent of age, body weight change, and physical activity. In short, regardless of your age, lowering T levels are likely to raise your chances of depression. 

These depressive disorders can have a debilitating impact on your health and happiness, as can the other possible symptoms you may experience as a result of low T. The good news is that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has proven effective in the treatment of depression in men with low T, and Vault makes getting treated as fast and easy as possible. First, you’ll want to receive an official low T diagnosis, which can be done through a simple health assessment and blood test.

If your results point to low T, Vault will help determine the right course of TRT for you. And the best part is that you may start to feel better in as little as two weeks after beginning treatment. 

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to treat depression caused by low testosterone, Vault can help. To make the process as simple as possible, we offer online visits and personalized treatment options that are shipped right to your front door.

Book your zero-cost initial appointment today to get your testosterone levels checked and start reclaiming a healthy and satisfying life.

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