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By The Vault Team

At Vault, we know there’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to optimizing your health. So we’re offering treatments which utilize seven prescription-only components  tailored to help you achieve your specific goals. 

From sex drive to fat burning support, every one of Vault’s treatments includes a telemedicine consultation with a licensed medical practitioner (as well as unlimited check-ins) to ensure the prescribed treatment is right for you. What’s more, your prescription will be sent via overnight delivery straight to your door so you can start feeling better, faster. 

Vault Libido Kit

Ready to maximize your libido? Vault’s Libido Kit medications will dramatically increase your sex drive and can also help strengthen erections. Its star ingredient, bremelanotide (also known as PT-141), is a powerful peptide that improves libido and erections in a unique way. By influencing your brain (rather than your penis), bremelanotide works as a trigger for receptors of the compound melanocortin—a neurotransmitter that plays a critical role in controlling sex drive. It is partnered with Tadalafil and Oxytocin to enhance all aspects of the sexual experience: libido, erections, and romantic connection.

 Vitamin B12-MIC Fat Burner

Do you need something to support your health, give you more energy, and help you lose some of that unwanted belly fat? The Vitamin B12-MIC Fat Burner formula prescribed by Vault practitioners leverages two powerful ingredients—vitamin B12 and methionine-inositol-choline (MIC)—to help you achieve those goals. To start, vitamin B12 increases metabolic rate; assists in the burning of body fat; and helps regulate sleep, mood, and appetite. MIC (a combination of three important nutrients) works to help the liver break down fats, lower cholesterol, decrease histamine release, control mood and appetite, and get rid of excess toxins in the body. This weekly injection is designed to help you feel, look, and perform your best.

 Phytotress Hair System

Do you notice your hair thinning? Join the club. By the age of 35, ⅔ of men notice thinning hair or a receding hairline. The good news is that The proprietary prescription hair formula from one of our pharmacy partners  is more powerful than over-the-counter solutions, and it’s specifically designed to help you overcome male pattern baldness. This solution is applied with a dropper daily onto the scalp, working to prevent hair loss and keep any existing bald spots from getting worse. It includes three ingredients that help maintain and grow hair synergistically: finasteride (the generic for Propecia), a prescription-only treatment for male pattern hair loss; latanoprost, another prescription-only medication that improves hair growth; and minoxidil (the generic for Rogaine), which helps maintain hair. Paired with a specially formulated detoxifying and all-natural shampoo (included in your prescription), this powerful formula can help to regrow hair as well as prevent further thinning.

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