Why Peptides Matter for Men’s Health

By Dr. Myles Spar, MD, MPH

When it comes to combating the most common symptoms of low T, testosterone replacement therapy can be an extremely effective solution. In fact, most men report an improvement in their symptoms as soon as two weeks after beginning treatment.

But some of low T’s most unwanted symptoms also benefit from another solution: peptides. 

Peptides are a broad category of naturally-occurring chemicals in the body that are made up of small chains of less than 50 amino acids. Different peptides will have different (and very specific) effects on the body. Chances are, you’re already familiar with a peptide or two. Insulin, for example, is a peptide that draws blood sugar, or glucose, into cells. Other peptides can affect hair growth, support the immune system, or improve brain cell functioning.

Though the research behind peptides and their effects on the body continues to expand each day, our medical team has zoned in on two specific peptides that have been proven to help with body composition and brain functioning.

Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptides

Growth hormone-releasing peptides (GHRPs) are small molecules that naturally boost the body’s production of growth hormone. GHRPs gently coax the body to produce growth hormone by affecting the pituitary gland, making these a safe and effective option for men looking to improve their body composition and physique, regardless of T levels. Increased levels of growth hormone can help with energy levels, sleep quality and mood wile making it easier to pack on muscle mass and lose some body fat. We utilize two different peptides in combination for their synergistic effect in our Body Performance Kit.


A recent study found that Semax can improve brain circulation and functioning–and also significantly improve memory and attention. Other studies have even shown semax to be effective in protecting brain cells from damage. This peptide is so powerful, that it is used in many settings for people with dementia or traumatic brain injury. We offer Semax as part of our Vault Performance Brain Kit. where it is accompanied by a brain boosting mix of natural supplements that can help protect the brain from the toxic effects of chronic stress and improve overall resiliency of brain cells.

Want to learn more about our Performance Kits and how peptides could optimize your overall health? You can view all of the available treatment plans here.

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