What Performance-Based Healthcare Really Means

By Myles Spar, MD

There's a reason why men are like half as likely to go to the doctor as women. Research shows that men find it difficult to disclose intimate details with their providers—especially if their provider is also male. (All to say, if this is you, you’re far from alone!)

This might in part be because that’s not what these appointments are set up to do. Instead, emphasis is either placed on treatment of an existing condition or basic physical maintenance. The conversation rarely addresses physical, sexual, or mental goals.  

But what if you started thinking about healthcare in terms of performance? After all, optimizing performance isn’t just for A-list athletes. 

What does this mean? At its core, it's about prevention and goal-achieving. But it only works if you're clear with your provider about your goals. 

Do you want to perform better at sports, or perform better sexually? Were you passed over for a raise? What if you could improve focus and mental clarity so you can perform better at work? Or, maybe you’re most interested in improving body composition and increasing energy levels? 

Whatever your specific goal, there’s plenty you and your provider can work on. To start, a good provider might identify any risks you might have that could be affecting your goal. This could include lab tests and then treating any issues that come up. It could also include looking at medications that could help or detract from your goals. Are there supplements you should be taking? Or is there something you could change in your exercise routine, diet, sleep, or stress management that can help you reach your goals? 

Expect to address your goals with an integrative, goal-oriented approach. But if your practitioner isn't engaging on that level with you, it's time to find a new practitioner.

At Vault, we go the extra mile to ensure you look, feel, and perform your best. If you have a specific goal, we work with you to achieve it—just like a coach works with his athlete to reach each physical milestone. If you’ve been feeling off your game recently, schedule an online visit to learn more about our approach to performance-based health. 

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