The Best Product Combos For Optimizing Your Travel Plans

By The Vault Team

In the best of times, travel requires planning—but these days, there are even more factors to consider. With Covid risks more present than ever, leveraging the power of Vault’s COVID-19 saliva test kit can help ensure that you’re traveling safely and responsibly. 

But what if you need an extra boost? Whether you’re gearing up for your next business trip or going home to visit friends or family, combining Vault’s targeted treatment kits with our reliable FDA-EUA authorized saliva test can help ensure that your body and mind are ready for the journey.  

Here are two effective product combinations to help you prepare for upcoming travels: 

1. For Business Travel

Going out of town on business? Ordering a Covid-19 saliva test is a no-brainer when it comes to reducing the risk of person-to-person exposure to the virus. 

But what about your mental performance on the job? Vault’s Brain Kit can help you increase energy, improve focus and mental clarity, sleep better, and decrease stress during your travels. The Brain Kit works by leveraging the power of the peptide semax and cutting-edge ingredients in Vault’s Brain Boost capsules.  

2. For General Travel Immunity 

There are many precautions you can take during Covid-era traveling. But if you want even more protection, we get it. 

Our Immunity Kit can help keep your immune system at its strongest. The kit’s ingredients—including the peptide thymosin alpha-1 and glutathione—will boost your body’s defenses while helping your system to fight off any possible infections.

When used with our Covid-19 saliva test kit, you can feel secure knowing that you’re using the best of technology and medicine to help keep yourself and others healthy.

When it comes to boosting performance and safety—we’re here to help. Our products were designed using the latest and best in science to address your most important health and performance goals, no matter where you go. 

Want to learn more? Book a virtual appointment to see what product combinations could help you on your travels.

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