Tips for Talking With Your Partner About Their Health

By The Vault Team

We know how tough it can be to broach difficult subjects with your partner. Whether you’ve been together for three months or three decades, starting important conversations can be harder than you expect—especially when it comes to health.

Most guys hate going to the doctor as much as they hate asking for help. In a study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic, researchers found that 72% of men would rather do household chores—including cleaning the bathroom—than see a doctor.

With those odds against you, it’s no surprise if you’ve had trouble getting your partner to open up about his health. 

Here are some tested tips and strategies to help you get the conversation going:

Give It a “We” Spin

It’s clear from studies conducted by the Cleveland Clinic and the CDC that men aren’t as proactive when it comes to taking care of themselves—but they do step up when it comes to caring for their partner and their family. 

With that in mind, rather than making it about him and his health, let him know that you’re talking to him about this because of all the things you’re looking forward to doing together. Avoid making ultimatums that damage the relationship, but make it known that you really love him and want to spend as many years together as possible, and that seeing a doctor is an important part of making sure that happens. 

Lead By Example

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. Setting an example for your partner can go a long way toward showing him what you expect when it comes to living healthfully and seeking care. Talk about what you’ve learned during your own virtual or in-person appointments with your provider. Asking for his advice if you’re looking for a specialist, too, can help get his mind around the process.

Pick a Neutral Location When Talking About Sex

For many couples, talking about intimacy issues can be particularly difficult. Whether there’s been a change in desire or performance, it’s important to be open and honest with your partner about what might be causing these changes and how some treatments may help. When starting this conversation, be sure to pick a neutral location outside of the bedroom. Also, don’t have this conversation at bedtime. Pick a time during daylight hours and don’t blindside him with the topic—let him know in advance that you’d like to talk about your sexual intimacy so he can come into the conversation emotionally prepared. 

Be Vulnerable

Make sure to avoid framing the conversation as a list of complaints—instead, be open about expressing your fears, desires, and observations about recent habits or changes.

Celebrate the Wins

For some guys, bridging the gap between what he’s doing right and what he could be doing better can make a big difference when talking about the big stuff. In this case, start by complimenting your partner on something that you admire about his health or daily habits. This could be his exercise regimen, his commitment to supplements, or his breakfast green smoothies. The aim is to help break the ice and ease the conversation into talking about what needs more work.

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