Unlocking Access to Personalized Technology-Powered Care

By The Vault Team

Today, scientific innovations are moving at record pace—creating new challenges when it comes to bringing the best and newest solutions directly to those who need it most.

What’s more, the events of the past year have demonstrated how access to care is increasingly critical to our collective health and wellbeing. 

At Vault, we’re doing our part to increase access to care by leading the way in telemedicine, digitally based clinical inputs, at-home sample collections, and ongoing, synchronous care. 

But our commitment to breaking the barriers to access to care goes even deeper. 

We harness the power of technology to optimize access to quality, personalized healthcare in three impactful ways: cutting-edge treatments, robust testing, and connecting care workers with communities in need. 

Cutting-Edge Treatments

In most settings, getting access to testosterone or peptides often requires a trip to a very specialized kind of doctor, for which many patients simply don't have geographic—or even informational—access. 

We break that barrier by making TRT and peptide-based treatments more accessible than ever through at-home testing, digital practitioner appointments, ePrescriptions, and ongoing, continuous care. 

What were once hard-to-access, specialized treatments are now just a few clicks away with Vault.

Robust Testing

We believe comprehensive testing is the key to unlocking access to medically actionable insights that keep patients safe and engaged with their health.

In addition to our at-home phlebotomy appointments, we are also working to provide clinical-grade genetic testing to identify hereditary risk factors and potential impacts to medication response. 

We were also the first to partner with Infinity BiologiX and Spectrum Solutions to offer FDA EUA authorized saliva-based at-home Covid-19 test kits. 

Connecting Care Workers with Communities in Need

The ongoing fight against the pandemic is not short of its challenges—most recent of which includes access to vaccinations.

We’re proud to leverage our technological tools,  medical and clinical resources to help states and counties administer the vaccine to people who need it. 

By improving access to personalized care powered by technology, we’re helping people tackle the health issues they really care about.

Want to learn more about how we’re removing the barriers to optimized care? Schedule an online visit today. 

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