All About Vault’s Libido Kit

By The Vault Team

Let’s talk about sex: yes, it can be a source of pleasure, intimacy, and physical connection, but it’s also an important component of our health. We know that regular sexual activity can support the body’s production of endorphins and antibodies—which are essential for everything from emotional health to immunity.

If you’ve experienced low libido or difficulty getting aroused, you’re not alone. Epidemiological studies consistently show that prevalence of ED and low libido increase with age. Newer research demonstrates that the problem is prevalent in younger men, too. Specifically, a recent study found that as many as one in four men with ED symptoms is under 40 years old.

That’s where we come in. Vault’s new Libido Kit was designed by men’s health experts for men of all ages to maximize libido, improve arousal and romantic connections, increase sexual stamina, intensify orgasms, and strengthen erections. 

Here’s how the three ingredients of the kit—bremelanotide, tadalafil, and oxytocin—work:

  • First, the peptide bremelanotide helps to stimulate libido through nerve receptors in your brain. 

  • Then, PDE5 inhibitor tadalafil works to improve blood flow in the penis, which helps you achieve strong, firm, and long-lasting erections.  

  • Finally, the peptide hormone oxytocin helps to boost the feelings of strong social and romantic connections naturally produced during orgasm. 

All together, these ingredients work to give you a stronger sex-drive, better erections, better orgasms, and a stronger connection with your partner.

For just $149 a month billed for three months, the kit includes a 5ml bottle of bremelanotide nasal spray, 18 tadalafil tablets (10mg each), and 54 tablets of 100 IU oxytocin tablets shipped in discreet packaging. Throughout treatment, you’ll also have ongoing digital access to your Vault medical team so you can track and optimize your progress.

Best of all, you’ll start to notice the results quickly. Most men will see a difference in their sex drive after the first use of the bremelanotide spray. The oxytocin and tadalafil tablets typically start working within 1-3 hours, though some men have reported better results with oxytocin when taken consistently three days a week. 

Want to know if the Libido Kit is right for you? Get started by scheduling an online visit today.


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