What Are the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy?

By The Vault Team

Testosterone is an essential hormone for men, regulating everything from muscle and bone growth to intimate drive and red blood cell production. According to the American Urological Association, men lose 1%-1.5% of their testosterone per year after age 30, and data suggest that an estimated 24 million men in the United States suffer from testosterone deficiency. Low testosterone may lead to signs and symptoms like decreased intimacy desires, low energy, decreased muscle and bone mass, anemia, and intimate dysfunction. Testosterone therapy may be an effective solution to these ailments and provide a variety of benefits.

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy:

  1. More muscle, less fat - Growth in muscle mass is one of the first and most consistent results of testosterone therapy. With more muscle mass, you’ll burn more calories even when you’re at rest, which will help reduce fat.

  2. Increased Intimacy Desires - Testosterone directly activates intimate appetite through androgen receptors in the brain. When there isn't enough testosterone in the body, these receptors are inactivated, leading to dips and drops in intimacy desires. Testosterone therapy replaces missing testosterone, activating androgen receptors to improve desires, intimate health, and intimate functioning. Additionally, with increased desires and vasodilation, you will experience firmer, more satisfying performance.

  3. More endurance - One of the primary problems reported by men suffering from low testosterone levels is fatigue. Testosterone treatment helps to ameliorate these ailments by increasing production of red blood cells, which can lead to greater cardiovascular ability and an improvement in energy levels.

  4. Lighter mood - Many men with testosterone deficiency suffer from feelings of irritability, sadness, and depression caused by testosterone-related issues with motivation, memory, and concentration. After therapy, patients report feelings of optimism and improved mood.

  5. Stronger bones - Increase bone mineral density and reduce the risk of stress fractures and osteoporosis.

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