Why Improving Sexual Performance Isn’t Just For Straight Couples

By The Vault Team

As scientists, researchers, and clinical experts, we know that health concerns don’t discriminate based on gender or sexual identity. 

Even so, it’s clear that in many spaces, discussions on sexual performance, low libido, and erectile dysfunction (ED) are often centered on the cis-straight couple. 

But not here. At Vault, we’re committed to providing inclusive care year-round, because we understand that sexual performance concerns affect people of all ages, backgrounds, and identities. 

In honor of PRIDE month, we want to uplift your health and sex life. Specifically, we’re highlighting the ways in which performance issues can affect your health and how Vault can help put the fire back into your engines.

Why Performance Matters

A downturn in your sex life can be frustrating—but evidence shows its impact can affect your physical wellbeing too. Recent data shows that not having sex can impact your health by increasing your risk of prostate cancer and weakening your immune system. 

And if you or your partner suffers from ED, there are additional health risks. 

An estimated 18 million people in the US live with erectile dysfunction. One study showed that stress and psychological factors are some of the most common causes of ED. But leaving ED treated can also exacerbate stress, which can have ramifications on your mental and physical health.

What’s more, we know that people with ED are at higher risk for heart disease, stroke, and even death, thanks to a review of several studies published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. We also know that gay and sexual minority adults are more likely to experience adverse cardiovascular outcomes than straight adults.

But even newer studies published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that medications like Viagra and Cialis—those used in Vault’s Sex Kit and Libido Kit—may help reduce the rate of cardiovascular events, like heart attacks and strokes. In other words, treating you or your partner’s ED won’t just improve your sexual performance—it may also help save your lives.

Put the Fire Back in Your Sex Life with Our Treatment Combos

The prevalence of low testosterone increases with age starting at age 40, and can drop as much as 1% each year. As this happens, issues with sex can increase, like low libido and ED. That’s when leveraging the power of our effective kits can help.

Combining our Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) with our Sex Kit or Libido Kit can provide effective support to improve erections, increase libido, boost sexual stamina, intensify orgasms, and improve overall sexual satisfaction. 

According to the research mentioned above, these kits won’t just improve your sex life—they may also improve your health. Here’s how they work:

Sex Kit 

Our Sex Kit uses high-quality ingredients and cutting-edge science to address erectile dysfunction from the inside out, by increasing blood flow to the penis, boosting dopamine, and turning on the neurologic stimulation needed for erections. 

The kit ($75 per month) includes:

  • Tadalafil + apomorphine lozenges

  • Tadalafil tablets

  • Oxytocin oral drops

Libido Kit

The three powerful ingredients in this kit—bremelanotide, tadalafil, and oxytocin—improve blood and nerve flow synchronously to maximize libido, improve arousal and romantic connections, increase sexual stamina, intensify orgasms, and strengthen erections. 

The kit lasts for three months ($149 per month) and includes:

  • 5ml bottle of bremelanotide nasal spray 

  • 18 tablets of tadalafil (10 mg each) 

  • 54 oxytocin tablets (100 IU each)

At Vault, we believe in empowering you to take pride in your performance and physical health. If you’re interested in treating low T, addressing your ED, or increasing sexual satisfaction, book an online visit with Vault to see if our Kit combinations are right for you. 

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