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Vault 101

Is Vault right for me?

Where is Vault available?

Vault isn’t in my area yet... is there any other way I can get treatment?

Safety & Privacy

Is Vault a safe way to get treatment?

Is my medical information safe and protected?

Vault Providers

Who will I see for my appointments?

Who is responsible for my health and treatment?

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

What improvements can I expect from hormone therapy?

Initial Exam

What happens at my first appointment?

How long does the appointment last?

How should I prepare for my appointment?

I have a bad cold or flu, can I still attend my appointment?

I recently had bloodwork done. Can Vault use that?

When will I learn my results?

Follow-Up Call & Results

How does my follow-up call work?

What does the follow-up cost?


What forms of treatment does Vault offer?

How long will I be on treatment?

When will I start to feel results?

Does Vault offer a self-injection treatment option?

I don’t like needles. Does Vault have needle-free treatment options?

I’m interested in having (more) children. Does Vault have treatment options that retain fertility?

Where does my treatment come from?

Can I choose my pharmacy?

Can I get a copy of my Vault medical records?

What happens if I want to cancel treatment?


When will I receive my first treatment?

What will my treatment package look like?

What comes in the box?

How often will I receive treatment?

Monitoring & Ongoing Treatment

How do my Vault providers monitor my results?

How often does Vault check my levels and bloodwork?

When is my first follow-up visit?

What happens at my follow-up visit?

I’m nearly out of treatment. When can I expect my refills?

I’m going to be traveling soon. Is it possible to have my treatment/refill sent to a different address?

Pricing & Insurance

What do Vault treatment plans cost?

What’s included in the cost of treatment?

Is Vault covered by insurance?

Does Vault accept HSA/FSA?

Does Vault take Medicare/Medicaid?

What does the initial appointment cost?

Can I use insurance to cover my lab work?

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