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What types of treatments does Vault offer?
How can I get treatment?
Where is Vault available?
How long will I be on treatment?
When will I start to feel results?
Does Vault offer a self-injection treatment option?
I don’t like needles. Does Vault have needle-free treatment options?
Am I guaranteed to be prescribed my selected treatments?
If my provider determines one of my treatment plans isn’t right for me, am I still charged for it?
How often will I receive treatment?
Where does my treatment come from?
Can I choose my pharmacy?
I’m nearly out of treatment. When can I expect my refills?
I’m going to be traveling soon. Is it possible to have my treatment/refill sent to a different address?
What happens if I want to cancel treatment?

Initial Telehealth Consultation

How does the telehealth consultation work?
What happens at my telehealth consultation?
How long does the consultation last?
How should I prepare for my consultation?
How much does the telehealth consultation cost?
I realized I can’t make my telehealth consultation time slot. Can I reschedule?

Testosterone Initial Screening & Treatment Plans

What is Testosterone Therapy?
What improvements can I expect from hormone therapy?
Why do I need an initial screening for testosterone therapy? Can’t I just get the treatment?
Is testosterone therapy right for me?
What does the initial screening include?
How much does the initial screening cost?
How much does the testosterone treatment plan cost?
What types of testosterone treatment are available?
I know some testosterone therapies can impact my fertility. Does Vault have treatment options that will allow me to have (more) children?
Does a provider have to come to my house to collect a blood sample? Can I go to a local facility (e.g. Quest Diagnostics) to have my blood drawn instead?
I recently had bloodwork done. Can Vault use that?
I have a bad cold or flu, can I still attend my blood draw?
When will I learn my results?
How often does Vault check my levels and bloodwork once I begin treatment?
I realized I can’t make my blood draw appointment. Can I reschedule?

Vault Providers

Who will I see for my appointments?
Who is responsible for my health and treatment?
Can I get a copy of my Vault medical records?

Billing & Insurance

What do Vault treatment plans cost?
Is Vault covered by insurance?
Does Vault accept HSA/FSA?
Does Vault take Medicare/Medicaid?
Why did I receive a bill from my insurance company for my COVID test?


When will I receive my first treatment?
What will my treatment package look like?
What comes in the box?

Safety & Privacy

Is Vault a safe way to get treatment?
Is my medical information safe and protected?

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How to get in touch