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Many men receive treatment because they seek improvements in their mental, physical, and sexual health.

Setting the Record Straight

Men that have had testosterone therapy share their stories


Bravo had a major health setback at an early age. He was able to get back on track using testosterone therapy.


Josh had low testosterone at the same time that he was trying to conceive, and needed fertility-aware treatment.


Tom's energy and stamina changed suddenly as he got older, just as he was starting a new relationship.

What can I expect from testosterone treatment?


Testosterone treatment helps you see the world like you used to. Once testosterone levels are balanced, men find that unexpected moments of frustration or irritability are decreased. You’ll have an easier time focusing on the tasks ahead of you and you’ll feel a renewed lightness to your days.

Improved mood

Increased emotional fortitude

Increased focus and drive


Testosterone is a very important hormone that plays an integral role regulating our physical health, and men on treatment start to feel balanced again. It is common to experience an increase in overall energy and endurance. When in the gym, you’ll finally be able to see the results you once saw and you’ll have an easier time losing belly fat. Your bone density and strength will improve, helping you support your body and avoid fractures.

Increased energy

Increased endurance

Increased muscle gains

Fat loss

Healthier bone density


Testosterone is a sex hormone, therefore, it plays a big role in a man’s sexual health. On testosterone treatment, men will experience an increase in their sex drive and have firmer and more satisfying erections.

Increased sex drive

Better erections

How long will it take to experience the results?

Typically, patients start to see results in as little as two weeks. You’ll work with your doctor to fine-tune your therapy and design a treatment plan that is 100% tailored to your body.

What does it take to get treatment?

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If eligible, a tailored testosterone treatment planned just for you.

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