Product Return Policy

Last Revised October 17, 2019

Orders facilitated by Vault Health which are provided by third party pharmacies, are not returnable, except in cases of missing or damaged orders.

In the event your order is missing or arrives damaged, please email Vault Health at

The Vault Health Patient Experience Team will respond to your email within 48 hours. Vault Health will reach out to the health care providers and pharmacy responsible for your care and for fulfilling the order. The Pharmacy that fulfilled your order will initiate an investigation with the carrier which shipped the order. Once the carrier’s investigation is complete, the pharmacy will confirm the findings with Vault Health. If a replacement of the order is found to be appropriate, the pharmacy will ship a replacement order to you at Vault Health’s expense.

The customer may be advised to return or dispose of a damaged order. In some cases, a refund may be offered in lieu of a replacement order.

Should you have any questions, please contact Vault Health at:

Vault Health, Inc.

Attn: Patient Experience Team

22 W 23rd St., 5th Floor, New York NY 10010

Telephone: (212) 880-5494