Navigating Healthcare Hiring?

Recruit, Hire, Repeat: We're Your Placement GPS

In the demanding realm of healthcare staffing, timely placements aren't just a goal – they're a necessity. With every delay, potential revenue fades, and opportunities slip away. Vault stands with you, streamlining every step and ensuring your placements are seamless.


<1 Day Turnaround

Turnaround time for County Criminal, Statewide Criminal, FACIS, and other reporting

24 hr MRO Response

Medical Review Officer follow up within 24 hours of non-negative results

60+ Years of Expertise

Team members are certified in Basic FCRA knowledge by PBSA and managers and Director are Advanced FCRA certified

Healthcare Staffing

Precision, Efficiency, Success

Why Vault Workforce Screening?

At Vault, we're more than just a service provider—we're your dedicated partner. We prioritize efficiency, compliance, and precision. Ensuring successful placements is about more than ticking boxes—it means upholding your firm's reputation, maximizing team efficiency and savings, and guaranteeing that every professional you place is an impeccable fit for the healthcare community.

A Sampling of our Staffing Services:

Discover a snapshot of our specialized staffing services, tailored to elevate your hiring process. Each marked with our assurance of excellence.
  • Network of 17,000 clinics nationwide

  • Occupational health screening

  • Background Checks

  • Drug and alcohol screening

  • SAMHSA-certified lab testing with MRO review

  • In-house Medical Review Officer

  • Overnight mask fit testing