Workforce Screening

Transportation & Regulated Industries

Employment screening solutions tailored to meet the needs of highly regulated industries like trucking, mass transit, rail, and pipeline.

Commercial airplane cockpit safety check close-up

< 1 day

Turnaround time for County Criminal, Statewide Criminal, FACIS, and other reporting

60+ years

Combined industry experience


Team members are certified in Basic FCRA knowledge by PBSA and managers and Director are Advanced FCRA certified
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Full-Service Workforce Screening Programs

Get solutions tailored to your needs so you can ensure compliance with regulatory authorities like the DOT, FMCSA, FTA, FRA, and PHMSA

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing
Random Selection
Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse
DOT Physicals
Background Screening Services
Medical Review Officer (MRO) Reviews
Emergency & After Hours Testing Coordination 24/7
DOT Supervisor Training
Mock Audits
Commercial driver at the wheel

Geared to Help You Succeed When Safety is On the Line

Recruiting and retaining a high quality workforce is particularly important in highly regulated industries like transportation. Vault can help you enhance the safety and compliance of your employees to increase overall productivity and quality of service to the public.

Faster, Accurate Results

Tech-enabled workflows to deliver industry-leading turnaround times, the fastest time to hire, and information you can trust

Compliance Expertise

In-house transportation compliance experts to ensure you are up-to-date with complex and changing regulations

Superior Candidate Experience

Mobile-first candidate platform gives candidates a convenient and efficiency experience to reduce drop-off and accelerate the hiring cycle

Excellent Client Service

Us-based, award-winning Client Service and Onboarding teams bring in-depth, personalized attention to support your program’s success


Make your workflow more efficient and effective by integrating Vault technology with your HRIS or ATS provider

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Easy-to-use experience platforms that reduce time and effort for both employers and candidates.

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