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Vault Technology

Technology designed with modern business needs in mind. Our platforms deliver a better experience to you, your candidates, and your employees. Vault has over 30 years experience in screening for clients of every type, and we understand how you work. Our technology will complement your existing workflows, and make your job easier.

Free employment screening audit

Powerful Tools for Employers

Ordering & Scheduling

Simple, Powerful Tools for Employers

Our order management platform offers seamless, simple, and fast web-based scheduling for all your necessary orders. Our Client Success and Account Coordination teams monitor your account activity and are available at any time for any issue or question that may arise, including 24/7 emergency testing coordination.

  • Our Clinic Search database offers 17,000 nationwide clinic partners so you can find a site to be screened, no matter where your team is working.  
  • Our Clinic Search offers heard of transparency by displaying up-to-date clinic performance and available services, so you can easily identify the best location for your candidate.
  • Lab panel search tools for staffing companies with various client needs can help you find and order the panels you need with the the exact substance and cut off limits you require.

Data Security & Record Management

All records are stored securely in Vault's cloud-based platforms. All our systems follow current security and privacy best practices in data security, compliance, and all applicable laws and testing regulations. We retain data on your behalf, as required by applicable industry regulation and provide data transfers to meet your business's requirements. When audits pop up, we're the partner you can count on. We'll prepare relevant data and support your team along the way.

A Modern Experience Today's Candidates Expect

Mobile-optimized for all screening services, making it as easy as possible for candidates to complete the entire process however and wherever they like; ultimately reducing candidate dropout rates and speeding up the overall hiring process.

Site Selection

Candidates can select the location most convenient for them for drug & alcohol testing as well as other required occupational health services. Our nationwide network of collection sites includes more than 17,000 locations nationwide.

Electronic Consent Forms

Candidate consent forms for background screening services are delivered, signed, and managed electronically.

Screening Progress Updates

Updates on background screening progress and final reporting are sent in an easy-to-understand format, keeping your talent acquisition team informed throughout the entire process, and helping them better understand what's happening behind the scenes.

Convenient Reminders & Engagement

Automated text & email reminders to candidates and employees help ensure they make their appointments on time and keep the process flowing.

A Modern Experience

Get More Than a Demo

Schedule a free comprehensive program review with our compliance team, and learn how Vault can improve your current workflow. We’ll evaluate your current processes and create a pilot program geared toward reducing risk, providing better support, and saving time and money.