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Finding Your Path to a Longer, Healthier Life

The difference between how old you feel and your actual age comes down to the difference between your biological and chronological ages, the study of epigenetics shows us that our futures aren’t entirely predetermined by our DNA. There are lifestyle changes we can make that can significantly improve our health, quality of life, and lifespans. 

Why Men’s Healthcare Matters

Studies show that 40% of men over 40 experience low T, which can lead to serious health consequences, both short and long-term, when left untreated (including increased risk of cardiovascular disease). Changes in other hormones, like DHEA and estradiol, can also have a significant impact on men’s health, including pulmonary hypertension and ED. See if TRT is the right solution for you.

How Vault is Making At-Home Covid-19 Testing More Accessible For All

We’re passionate about men’s health, but at the onset of the pandemic, we realized that we could do more to help all Americans get the information they need to stay safe. Which is why, in April, we partnered with RUCDR Infinite Biologics and Spectrum Solutions to become the first company to offer an at-home FDA EUA authorized saliva test for COVID-19, available not just for men, but for everyone. Since then, we’ve helped numerous individuals, companies, and organizations get access to fast and reliable testing.

All About Vault’s Phytotress Hair System

Vault’s prescription-only Phytotress Hair system is more powerful than what you can get over-the-counter, and safer to use than most oral prescriptions by delivering targeted results directly to your scalp. It’s also unique in that rather than relying on a single treatment, it combines the best ones available so they can work together to get you results. See if this treatment is right for you!

Why Biological Aging Is the Next Big Thing in Performance Healthcare

We know that the future of our health isn’t necessarily permanently locked in our genetic code. Our environment and lifestyle—including what we eat, how we manage stress, and whether or not we exercise—can affect our DNA and its impact on our overall health. Get to know your biological age through testing.

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