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How Vault is Innovating the Decentralized Clinical Trial Space

There’s little debate on how the pandemic has impacted our day-to-day lives. In healthcare, both providers and patients have rediscovered the essential value of virtual care. Throughout the past year, we at Vault have leveraged our technology to distribute innovative and efficient healthcare solutions broadly and at scale—now, we’re turning our sights to clinical trials.

Getting Back to Work: Human Resources

It’s official: Thanks to the more than 272 million vaccine doses that have been administered in the United States, we’ve entered the most promising phase of revitalization since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.  As many Americans face this exciting milestone, professionals in Human Resources across all industries have a critical task in helping teammates transition to the new normal safely and efficiently. Here are some tips for helping your team get back to work and for redefining the right post-pandemic structure for your company.

Vault Health Rapidly Expanding into Decentralized Clinical Research

Vault Health today announced the hire of Hady Khoury (CORE-ee) as the company’s new President of Life Sciences and Chief Research Officer. Khoury comes to the healthcare company with more than 26 years of clinical research and life sciences leadership experience, where he will use his visionary and innovative skills to accelerate Vault’s growth into supporting clinical research. Vault is currently supporting nearly a dozen clinical studies, all employing a decentralized platform, which increases the likelihood of having more diverse, representative, and engaged study participants.

Why COVID Testing Is More Important Than Ever

Recent data shows that only 40% of Americans have been fully vaccinated—leaving 60% of the population still susceptible to the virus and its growing variants. Many in this demographic include individuals from some of our most vulnerable socioeconomic demographics, including young children and the immunocompromised. As more and more of us begin to re-enter the world, it’s critical we find a way to bring society back to normal while still protecting those who are susceptible to potentially severe infection. Establishing programs that provide regular testing is essential to this effort. School and state-sponsored testing, in particular, can help us continue to understand and take measures to mitigate how COVID is spreading in particular communities.

Why Experts Are Expecting an STI Surge—and How You Can Stay Safe

Vaccinated Americans are able to resume pre-pandemic activities like indoor dining, going to the gym, and spending time with friends and loved ones. And as we emerge from this past year of isolation and grief, the ability to connect with one another feels even more precious. Amidst this desire to connect, medical experts are already seeing a resurgence of another pre-pandemic activity: hooking up. And while they support safe and consensual sex, they’re worried about a new spike in sexually transmitted infections, or STIs. 

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