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Construction Industry

Comprehensive workforce screening services tailored to the needs of construction businesses

< 1 day

Turnaround time for County Criminal, Statewide Criminal, FACIS, and other reporting

60+ years

Combined industry experience

Team members are certified in Basic FCRA knowledge by PBSA and managers and Director are Advanced FCRA certified

Full-Screen Workforce Screening Programs

Get a customized screening package that meets the needs of your population

  • Background Checks

  • Clinic, Remote, and On-Site Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • Emergency Testing Coordination 24/7

  • Vaccines / Titers

  • Policy & Program Reviews & Development

  • Expert Medical Review Officer (MRO) Consultation

Free employment screening audit

Tech-Enabled Solutions Customized to Your Needs

With Vault, you get a single sign-on platform to help streamline your hiring process, improve candidate dropout rate, and create a positive candidate experience. And our US-based, award-winning Client Service and Onboarding teams are available for assistance at every step of the way.

Efficient Workflows

Our mobile-first platform for candidates and automated alerts delivered by text and email keep you moving through the process quickly.

Expert Guidance

Our in-house compliance experts ensure industry-leading turnaround times, the fastest time to hire, and information you can trust.

Tech-Enabled Solutions

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This week, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published 3 notices in the Federal Register all addressing the commercial driver medical examination. The first 2 ...
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Vault Workforce Screening Acquired by Sterling

As of today, Vault Workforce Screening is part of Sterling, one of the world’s largest providers of background and identity services. Vault Workforce Screening was founded more ...
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Post-Holiday Screening Blues: Mental Health, Substance Use & Safety

Addressing Mental Health, Substance Use, and Safety in the Workplace
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Supporting Veterans Civilian Workforce Transition

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What a Federal Government Shutdown Means for Screening New Hires

Updated November 17, 2023 President Joe Biden has signed the stopgap spending bill, successfully averting the federal government shutdown. This provides temporary relief for ...
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Healthcare Staffing: Improving Compliance and Efficiency

Tackling Healthcare Staffing Challenges with Vault Workforce Screening The modern healthcare staffing landscape is filled with opportunities, yet equally dotted with challenges. ...
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Vault Screening: Elevate Recovery with a Comprehensive Workforce Solution

The journey to recovery from substance use disorders can be a challenging one, often plagued by high relapse rates and insufficient support systems. But what if we told you that ...
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Optimizing Background Screening: Best Practices for Employers

5 effective strategies to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and access the data you need The Fair Credit Act (FCRA) requires employers and employment screening companies to follow ...
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Meet the Team - Sarah Boone

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Mobile Flu Clinics: Custom Solutions for the Always-on Workforce

While traditional and remote office workers might find it relatively easy to pop into their local clinic or pharmacy for a flu shot, what happens when your workforce is always on ...
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Flu Clinic Ops: Innovative Staffing Strategies for Nursing Shortages

In light of last year’s surge in influenza cases and anticipated challenges for the upcoming 2023-2024 flu season, the need for flu clinics extends beyond healthcare environments. ...
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FirstRequest™ Screening: How Vault Clients Save Costs and Time

FirstRequest™ ordering system, Vault Workforce Screening’s custom-built platform for drug, alcohol and occupational health provides clients unparalleled decision-making ...
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Meet the Team - David Stella

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Oral Fluids Testing: What You Need to Know

Last updated July 27, 2023
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Flu Vaccinations for the 2023-2024 Influenza Season

Last updated July 31, 2023
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Tuberculosis testing options when labs are behind

Several laboratories across the US are reporting increased volume and staffing shortages that are resulting in significant delays to tuberculosis testing when using “TB Gold,” ...
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Key Changes Coming to I-9 Verification

UPDATE: This blog has been updated to reflect the rule published by Homeland Security in the Federal Register on July 27, 2023. You can read the rule here. Key Changes Coming to ...
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Meet the Team - Regina Doural, CSAPA

In our latest installment of "Meet the Team," we are introducing you to Regina Doural, our General Manager of Compliance Services at Vault. We had the privilege to converse with ...
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Compliance Update: Minnesota Marijuana Legislation

Vault Workforce Screening's Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, Shawn O'Neil, discusses Minnesota's new legislation legalizing marijuana and how it will affect employers. ‍ ‍ Do ...
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Meet the Team - Michael Contorno

In today's Meet the Team post, you'll meet Michael Contorno, Vault's Vice President of Engineering & Technology. We had the opportunity to sit down with Mike and learn more ...
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How does PII Redaction affect pre-employment screening?

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is defined as any data which can be used to identify a specific individual, such as name, date of birth, social security number, address, ...
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