At the heart of the Vault experience is a deep knowledge of men. Their needs. Their wants. The similarities that unite them. And the differences that set them apart. Vault offers a convenient, streamlined process that saves time and money, and meets men where they feel most comfortable. Knowing men, and what makes them tick, is Vault’s specialty.


Our goal was simple. To give men an easier way to identify and treat the symptoms of low testosterone.

More common than you’d think, low testosterone affects 1 in every 4 men over the age of 30. For those men, we are on a mission to create a better way to live a better life.

Dr. Myles Spar,  Dr. Alex Pastuszak, & Jason Feldman, VAULT CEO

Dr. Myles Spar, Dr. Alex Pastuszak, & Jason Feldman, VAULT CEO

Getting to simplicity took a few experts.

We started with science. Our world-renowned clinical advisors wrote the guidelines for treating low testosterone. Literally. Now together, we have created the best clinical pathways, the most seamless diagnostics, and the best customized treatment programs. Then, we brought healthcare forward and made the process easy and efficient for today’s man. We removed the pains of annoying pharmacy visits, refill blips, long doctor wait times, and billing nuisances. All this while delivering the safest patient treatments and the highest quality of care.

So we can lift the weight and set men on a new path forward.

Join us. Vault into tomorrow.

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