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Comprehensive & Flexible Drug & Alcohol Screening Solutions

Workplace safety is a top priority for every good employer. Having as fair, safe, and recurring employment drug & alcohol screening program helps protect your keep employees, customers and the general public.

Quick Turnarounds

SAMSA certified lab results delivered in as little as 2 business days, and Medical Review Officer follow up within 24 hours of non-negative results.

Always On

US-based customer support is available 24/7/365 to handle nationwide reasonable suspicion and post-accident testing, ensuring you meet federal industry regulations.

Quick Turnarounds

Need help navigating new screening regulations?

Testing Made Easy

Testing Made Easy, Results You Can Count On

Modern drug screening has become complicated for both employers and their teams. With increasing remote and mobile workers, shifting regulatory guidance, and specific testing preferences, you need a provider that understands your screening needs, and one you trust will continue to understand new and changing industry requirements. 

Our compliance experts can help you determine what substances are appropriate to test and which methods are best. Whether your business necessitates virtual collections, hair, nail, blood, oral fluid, or breath alcohol testing, Vault can meet your needs with a network of over 17,000 collection sites and our own staff of virtual collectors. Vault offers web-based innovative scheduling and result retrieval technology, creating a rapid, simple, and accessible screening process for both you and your candidates.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Fast, Reliable, Secure

Quick turnaround times are critical to any organization’s workforce growth and employee retention. That’s why we’ve developed modern, user-friendly, and versatile tools for scheduling and communication, and a robust, dependable network of testing sites and labs. 

With Vault Workforce Screening, implementing programs for pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, or return to duty drug testing couldn’t be easier.

  • Over 17,000 collection sites nationwide
  • Mobile collectors available to come to your location for testing events and emergencies
  • Virtual specimen collections conducted via video with your employee or candidate
  • All testing performed by SAMHSA certified laboratories

Why Choose Vault

Exceptional Customer Support

Exceptional Customer Support

Our team of US-based, dedicated Research Specialists perform thorough reviews of returned records, and are available to help with disputes, changes to requirements, or other questions.

  • DOT and non-DOT 5-panel urine testing collection and laboratory services
  • More than 3000 custom lab panels available for use today across our six SAMSA-certified lab partners
  • Breath and/or saliva testing and confirmation
  • Six Medical Review Officers confirm and release every non-negative result and are available to talk directly with clients
Technology & Integrations

Technology & Integrations

Our team of US-based, dedicated Research Specialists perform thorough reviews of returned records, and are available to help with disputes, changes to requirements, or other questions.

  • Urine collection containers
  • Split sample collection kits
  • Temperature sensitive strips & tamper evidence tape
  • Transportation box/bag
  • Preprinted or electronic chain of custody requisitions
  • Mobile collectors for onsite events, overnight, random, or emergency testing
Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

Our team of US-based, dedicated Research Specialists perform thorough reviews of returned records, and are available to help with disputes, changes to requirements, or other questions.

  • Innovative scheduling and results retrieval
  • Built-in applications with real-time data feeds
  • Streamlined experience for both participants and stakeholders from start to finish

Nationwide Reasonable Suspicion and Post-Accident Testing

When the worst happens, pick up the phone and call Vault's US-based Service Coordination staff 24/7/365. Vault staff will find a clinic for sample collection and coordinate transportation for the employee. Alternatively, Vault staff will find a mobile collector to come to the employee, whether still on the scene of an accident, at the emergency room, or on the jobsite.

MRO & Expert Witness Testimony

Our in-house Medical Review Officers (MROs) are licensed and certified physicians with extensive experience and backgrounds in fields like occupational health, substance abuse treatment, pharmacology, and toxicology. All laboratory results are reviewed by our own MROs to certify that they have been administered and reported accurately. MROs contact employers directly to discuss non-negative results. 

We also provide expert witness testimony, virtually or in-person, as needed. We comply with and coordinate all needs pertaining to legal and administrative proceedings, and applicable experts and litigation support packages are available to clients.

Nationwide Reasonable

Industry Specializations

Learn more about our compliance expertise and tailored service offerings for a variety of industries.

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