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Facts and Questions for anyone participating in employment screening

Individuals participating in employment screening are commonly referred to as donors, candidates, applicants, employees and/or data subjects, depending on the employer and type of screening. If you are expected to participate in a background check, drug and/or alcohol screening or other occupational health or physical screening services by your employer or prospective employer, the following information is for you.

Please note that employment screening is not healthcare but rather an evaluation to determine whether you can adequately and safely perform the duties assigned to your role. Speaking with a medical review officer does not form a patient-doctor relationship.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

I’m supposed to get tested today, but I’ve encountered an issue. Who can I talk to about rescheduling?

Any time a donor has a conflict or concern with participating in a scheduled screening, they should contact their employer or prospective employer. Depending on the employer’s requirement, federal and state regulations, the purpose of the test, and the reason for the conflict, the screening may be rescheduled or may be canceled. In some cases, inability to participate in screening as planned might be considered a refusal to test and have consequences so always check with the employer before taking any action.


There is something wrong at the clinic where I’m supposed to be screened. Should I call Vault?

No, you should first double check the screening paperwork you received via email from Vault and/or in paper form from your employer. If the issue persists, please contact your employer or prospective employer. Most issues can be easily solved by scheduling services at another nearby clinic, correcting paperwork, or confirming clinic staff availability over the phone. Vault works directly with employers to address issues with clinics.

I need accommodation at the collection site. Who should I notify?
Please work directly with your employer or prospective employer to make this request in advance. Making your employer aware of your accommodation needs will be important both for your screening and for the purposes of your future employment. Vault can work with clinics and your employer to ensure necessary accommodations are made.


How do I obtain my results?

Your employer or prospective employer receives results documentation and can provide it to you upon request. Records covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and U.S. Department of Transportation regulations are available from Vault. Check out the “For Candidates” section of our contact page by clicking here Contact Vault (

I got a call from the Medical Review Officer at Vault. What does that mean?

You should always call back the Medical Review Officer (MRO) as quickly as possible. Typically, an MRO calls when there is an issue with your results and this phone call is your chance to address that issue. Some issues are easily addressed, such as providing a valid, recent prescription for a medication so the MRO can confirm why certain drugs are present in your system. The MRO will call you up to three times and leave a message, if possible. Failing to return a call from the MRO will force the MRO to report results to the employer based on the information we have available.

I just had an accident and I know I need to get tested. How do I initiate emergency testing?

After an accident, your responsibility is to notify your employer and the police, if appropriate. Your employer will engage Vault’s emergency testing support and ensure you’re tested as quickly as possible and consistent with relevant requirements and regulations.

Can I request a certain type of testing?

Vault offers its clients a variety of types of sample collection, including oral fluid, urine, blood, nail and hair testing. Which type is selected depends on your employer’s policies, industry regulations, and other factors. The employer dictates the type of screening donors receive. Vault does not accept requests from donors.

The MRO told me I had a positive drug test, but I don’t use drugs. Can I get retested?

Under certain federal or state regulations or based on your employer’s drug testing policy you might have the right to have your specimen retested by sending a split of it to another lab. Please email for more information on this process.





Can I report a problem with a clinic?

Vault cares about your experience. If you had an issue that impaired your ability to utilize the clinic or is cause for significant concern, please email  

Please note that nationally, clinics are struggling to maintain ideal staffing levels and may have long wait times. Scheduling an appointment or calling ahead before you go is strongly recommended.

Background Screening

Can I order my own background check from Vault?

No. Many of us are curious about what will show up on our background check and whether it is accurate. Vault does not run background checks on behalf of individuals, however if we ran a background check on you as part of a screening process for an employer or prospective employer, you are entitled to a copy of your background check. To obtain a copy of your background report, file a dispute, or file a dispute due to human trafficking please email

How do I know I can trust Vault’s background check to be accurate?

Vault is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association and is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) under federal law, requiring it comply with certain standards and protect the rights of the subject (you). To learn more about the Fair Credit Reporting Act and our obligations, click here: 201410_cfpb_summary_your-rights-under-fcra.pdf (

Should your background check contain information you believe to be inaccurate or that disqualifies you for a position, you will have the option to dispute that information as part of an adverse action process. You will receive a letter from Vault or your prospective employer informing you about the findings and explaining how you can correct the information. To contact Vault about your background check, visit the “For Candidates” section here Contact Vault (


What will my background check look for?

Vault provides customized background screening packages to its clients. What your employer reviews will vary but may include things like your criminal history or driving record. Vault also conducts employment and education verifications as part of most background screens. Jobs that involve working with children generally require a national sex offender registry search. Many employers also run background screening reports specific to the role an employee will play, expanding their search criteria as the employee receives more responsibility and authority.

How long does a background screening take to complete?

Typically, once you’ve supplied the request information, your screening is complete in 2-3 business days. It may take your employer a few additional days to review it. If you’ve lived and worked abroad, expect your background screening to take longer.

Clinical & Occupational Health Screenings

My employer is requiring vaccinations, but I don’t want to or don’t need to get vaccinated. Can I tell the clinic to skip my vaccinations?

No, you should never try to alter the order at the clinic. Please speak with your employer in advance to share your reasons, concerns and/or vaccination record. If your employer agrees, they will need to cancel and recreate your order for services without the vaccinations.

Should I present my insurance card?

No, employers pay for these services as they’re necessary to do the job. If you provide your insurance card, the clinic will bill you for your copay or deductible.

I got a bill for the services I received. What should I do with it?

Please send a copy of the entire bill to your employer and do not pay the bill. Your employer needs to add some pieces of information and will pass it on to Vault for resolution. Please note that it can take 4-6 weeks for the bill to be resolved, so don’t be surprised if you receive a second notice. The sooner you send your employer the bill, the faster it will be resolved.

I received a limited DOT Card because of the results of my Commercial Driver Medical Exam (CDME). Can Vault provide me with the health care services I need going forward?

No, Vault provides employment screening, but not ongoing healthcare. Please check with your insurer, employer and/or employee assistance program for referrals.