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A Nationalwide Leader

A Nationwide Leader in Recovery Monitoring Solutions for Licensed Professionals

As employers navigate the intricate landscape of drug and alcohol use and misuse in employees, the importance of a consistent, compliant and supportive process is fundamental. The drug and alcohol treatment industry has accepted high relapse rates as “part of the disease process”. There is substantial evidence that specific interventions outside the treatment walls can affect the outcomes and make symptom remission – recovery – the expectation rather than the exception. Vault Workforce Screening is uniquely positioned to provide the external support and engagement services that can dramatically increase recovery rates for individuals with Substance Use Disorders, saving lives, and significantly reducing costly insurance utilization. 

With 30+ years of experience, Vault Workforce Screening partners with leading Professional Licensing Boards throughout the country to develop custom software and the largest menu of drug and alcohol testing options for recovery compliance and accountability.

Effective Case Management

Vault Workforce Screening helps design and implement case management services with accurate, random testing, and state-of-the-art accountability and support tools. Our team of experts exemplifies Vault Workforce Screening’s mission to provide our clients with the best resources and services to support a successful recovery.

Comprehensive Clinical Protocols

Vault Workforce Screening is a single point of contact for a comprehensive clinical drug testing protocol. 

Vault provides:

  • Licensure boards
  • Drug courts
  • Alternative discipline employer programs
  • Other SUD recovery programs with the tools to help administer random drug and alcohol testing necessary to operate their recovery program and measure the progress of participants

Our commitment is to guide you towards a workplace marked by resilience and well-being through our Recovery Monitoring services.

Recovery Programs as Varied as the Participants They Serve

Just as each participant is unique, our programs that monitor the recovery journey come in all formats, with many different approaches to reach the ultimate goals of a healthy life for the participant and safety for the general public. Vault’s team of experts have designed a customized menu of service options to meet the requirements of recovery monitoring programs, drug courts, alternative discipline programs and state licensure boards nationwide.

The following features are at the core of the professional recovery monitoring services Vault provides:

  • Expert MRO and addiction specialist services
  • Mobile accessible platform designed for program participants with features such as check‐in, secure messaging, document uploads, self-report completion, prescription management, meeting and appointment sign-in, access calendars, find collection sites, order supplies etc.
  • 16,000+ Nationwide Collection Site Network (plus virtual collection options for oral fluids)
  • Secure access to results for program management
  • Dedicated Account Coordinator
  • Random Testing Management (using expanded panels for urine, hair, nails, blood and oral  fluids)
  • SAMHSA Certified Laboratories
  • Paperless participant documentation
  • Direct billing of participants for labs and collection
  • Program support and consultation from the most experienced team of experts in the industry

Substance Use Disorder Recovery Monitoring Software System

Vault offers a best-in-class software experience for program management and participants. Whether you’re transitioning off a paper-based system or looking to improve the software supporting your program, we have the features you need, including:

  • Fully Configurable Platform: Allows a flexible solution tailored to your specific program’s needs.
  • Workflow-Based System Design: Reduces the number of clicks and time spent tracking down information.
  • Automated Alerts: Case Managers can stay on top of their most important tasks while participants receive alerts to maintain compliance.
  • Comprehensive Solution: A one-stop-shop for all testing components including collection, lab analysis and MRO review.
  • Dedicated Team: Support includes dedicated Account Managers, Monitoring Program Director, and ASAM-Fellow/ABAM Certified MRO
  • Mobile Optimized Platform: Programs & participants can access the case management system anytime, anywhere.
  • Testing Randomizer: Customizable multipanel random testing, including expanded panels for urine, hair, nails, blood, Peth and oral fluids.

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