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Workforce Screening: Best Practices in a Changing Regulatory Landscape

December 1, 2022

On-demand webinar

Over the last few years, many states have experienced some changes in employment that have changed drug testing policy. Firstly, many have shifted to a remote or hybrid working environment over the last two years, complicating workforce screening protocols as employees are working from home. Secondly, a number of states have signed into law a measure that allows the sale and consumption of “edible cannabinoid” products, which adds further complexity to workforce screening best practices.

Listen to Shawn O’Neil from Vault Health for a discussion around best practices for workforce screening followed by interactive Q&A.

Key discussion points:

  • Remote employees: How can employers manage workforce screening in a remote environment?
  • Best practices for drug testing: Given the remote environment and the new law for marijuana, how can employers best address workforce screening needs?
  • Types of drug testing: Are there best practices for the tests that are most appropriate depending on employees’ work location (remote vs. in-office)?
1 hour
Shawn O'Neil, Compliance and Privacy Officer, Vault Workforce Screening


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The information and opinions expressed are for educational purposes only and are based on current practice, industry related knowledge and business expertise.  The information provided shall not be construed as legal advice, express or implied. Consult with legal counsel before any action is taken or not taken in relation to information disseminated during the webinar.

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