Best Practices for Workforce Screening in a Changing Regulatory Landscape

Over the last few years, many states have experienced some changes in employment that have changed drug testing policy. Firstly, many have shifted to a remote or hybrid working environment over the last two years, complicating workforce screening protocols as employees are working from home. Secondly, a number of states have signed into law a measure that allows the sale and consumption of “edible cannabinoid” products, which adds further complexity to workforce screening best practices.

Join Shawn O’Neil from Vault Health for a discussion around best practices for workforce screening followed by interactive Q&A.

Key discussion points:

  • Remote employees: How can employers manage workforce screening in a remote environment?
  • Best practices for drug testing: Given the remote environment and the new law for marijuana, how can employers best address workforce screening needs?
  • Types of drug testing: Are there best practices for the tests that are most appropriate depending on employees’ work location (remote vs. in-office)?
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