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What You Should Know About Background Screening in 2023

April 12, 2023

On demand webinar

Hear about the assumptions vs. reality in background screening. There are numerous assumptions in background screening, which might not line up with the correct components, services and regulations you should be considering and using for your workforce screening program. You'll learn where and how you may be able to identify gaps in your existing program and workflows, and how you can correct and optimize to reduce risk, deliver a better experience, and create a safer workplace.

1 hour
Shawn O'Neil, Compliance and Privacy Officer, Vault Workforce Screening
Tyrah Lawson, Director of Background Screening, Vault Workforce Screening
Elizabeth Koehn, Background Screening Team Manager, Vault Workforce Screening

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The information and opinions expressed are for educational purposes only and are based on current practice, industry related knowledge and business expertise.  The information provided shall not be construed as legal advice, express or implied. Consult with legal counsel before any action is taken or not taken in relation to information disseminated during the webinar.