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Streamline Hiring: Consolidate Screening Vendors for Cost-Efficiency

June 2, 2022

In 2023, you’d be hard pressed to find a company not prioritizing optimization efforts to minimize costs. While most organizations focus on reducing expenses in areas such as production, distribution, and marketing, there are other numerous other areas being focused on where cost-saving opportunities exists. Recruitment and onboarding offers one such opportunity for many.

Recruiting and onboarding are critical components of any successful business and have largely remained untouched these past three years. As a result, technology has potentially ballooned, as companies applied “band-aid” solutions to add functionality, and workflows have become increasingly complex as companies attempted to meet the new hiring pace and requirements post-pandemic (think remote workforce, candidate availability, generational shift, etc.).  

The result of these quick fixes has often included increased complexity, reduced efficiency, and higher cost.  This year, as we’ve highlighted before, is the first chance many HR Departments have had the chance to focus on auditing the overall process, vendors, and performance of their programs in their entirety, and make crucial changes and improvements that have been on the back burner for years.  With the economy and pace slowing down in 2023, HR can both strategically approach cost and efficiency improvements.    

These improvements include consolidation of third-party recruitment and onboarding tasks, which can bring several benefits to companies, including cost savings, reduced administrative burden, improved compliance, and increased efficiency.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing recruitment and onboarding tasks help save costs on several fronts. For example, outsourcing and consolidating all your screening needs with one vendor, such as Vault Workforce Screening, can help reduce the cost of screening candidates and employees.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Recruitment and onboarding involve significant administrative tasks, such as candidate screening, scheduling interviews, and verifying credentials. By optimizing these tasks, you can reduce redundant data entry and workload, freeing up resources to focus on other priorities.

Improved Compliance

Compliance with regulatory requirements is crucial in recruiting and onboarding. Using an accredited CRA with the right experts in place will ensure you comply with ever-changing regulations and avoid potential legal and financial repercussions.

Increased Efficiency

Outsourcing recruitment and onboarding tasks to a single vendor can help you streamline workflows and operations, reducing the time and resources required to manage multiple vendors and platforms. A single vendor can also provide a more seamless and integrated experience for candidates and hiring managers, improving the overall recruitment and onboarding process and experience.

The Benefits of Consolidating Background Screening, Drug Screening, and Occupational Health Screening Vendors and Platforms

While outsourcing recruitment and onboarding tasks can bring significant benefits, consolidating these tasks under a single vendor and platform can bring additional advantages.

Simplified Management

By consolidating background screening, drug screening, and occupational health screening vendors, you can simplify screening and optimize the workflows and reporting involved. Instead of managing multiple vendors and platforms, you’ll only need to work with a single vendor and platform, reducing the time and resources required to learn and manage screening tasks.

Reduced Costs

Through consolidation, you’ll reduce costs associated with vendor management and/or platform fees. By negotiating a single contract with a vendor that provides all of your required screening services, you’ll often be able to negotiate better pricing than working with multiple disparate vendors.

Optimized Workflows

Consolidating screening vendors and platforms will optimize efficiencies by reducing the time and resources required to manage these tasks. A single vendor and platform will also offer a more seamless and integrated experience for candidates and hiring managers, reducing the time and effort required to get through screening processes.

Improved Candidate Experience

The recruitment and onboarding process can be stressful for candidates, particularly if they have to navigate multiple vendors and platforms. A single vendor will provide a more straightforward and lower friction experience for candidates, improving their overall experience with your company.

While consolidation can bring significant benefits, it is essential you carefully evaluate their options and choose the right vendor who can provide the services and expertise you need. Vault has 35 years’ experience offering background, drug, and occupational health screening services. We’re currently offering a free 30-minute screening program audit with one of our screening experts.  We will review your employment screening existing program and workflows and provide meaningful insight as to where there may be any compliance red flags, overspend, or opportunities for efficiency and improving the candidate experience.  Schedule your review below and see how Vault can improve your screening program.

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