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FirstRequest™ Screening: How Vault Clients Save Costs and Time

August 30, 2023

FirstRequest™ ordering system, Vault Workforce Screening’s custom-built platform for drug, alcohol and occupational health provides clients unparalleled decision-making capabilities based on time, cost, and geographic proximity priorities when screening an individual candidate or employee. Vault’s system is highly customizable and configurable for clients, making ordering, tracking and retention screening a breeze. Discover the best practices our clients use to ensure the fastest turnaround times while maximizing every dollar.

Strategy 1: Go Digital and Say No to Paperwork

Manual paperwork slows down turnaround time, no matter what the service or specimen. Vault’s FirstRequest™ system allows clients to see which collection clinics are electronically enabled. By selecting for electronically enabled clinics, clients can ensure:

  • Faster at-clinic service due to pre-filled and entered electronic orders
  • Fewer clinic and laboratory errors
  • Additional electronic visibility into the sample’s path from collection site to result, thanks to better electronic tracking
  • Speedier result upload and review by Vault, thanks to direct data feeds between Vault and laboratory partners

Strategy 2: Stay Updated with Order Expiration and ETA Insights

The FirstRequest™ system provides an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for laboratory results and/or services originating at that clinic site when displaying clinic options. Vault uses the most recent 90 days of data from that clinic to create an average ETA, which is displayed for the person placing the order. Clinics with electronic ordering generally have faster ETA times than those that rely on paper.

Additionally, Vault offers clients the option of entering an expiration date for each order. This expiration date serves two purposes: 1) it allows the client to time-limit the employee or prospective employee, creating a deadline that is communicated via email and/or text, when authorized; and 2) tells Vault when to contact the intended clinic to verify the candidate or employee did not complete services or retrieve paperwork if they were screened. Vault can modify the pre-set expiration date to a client's desired number or hours or days, along with many other FirstRequest™ system features to make order creation go more quickly.

Strategy 3: Seamless Platform Integration for Quicker Responses

Moving between systems takes time away from other tasks and can result in order creation delays for candidates. Vault offers more than 30 integrations with FirstRequest™ that keep talent acquisition teams working within one Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and compliance teams within their Human Resource Information System (HRIS) system. The most efficient users have:

  • Integrate both HRIS and ATS systems with FirstRequest™
  • Assign a power user to connect with Vault or their other vendors when a system upgrade causes the integration to experience a bug
  • A business case for their IT team to prioritize integration work (which is minimal on the client side and can usually be accomplished within a week or less)
  • A list of configurations that are created or customized during the integration process for effortless ordering (for example: default number of days after which an order expires or service groupings for frequently ordered packages and tests.)

Strategy 4: Leverage Multiple Laboratory Accounts for Wider Coverage

Clients with high volumes across multiple geographies or who have specialty drug panels and highly sensitive testing like QuantiFERON have multiple laboratory accounts established through Vault Workforce Screening. Having more than one laboratory account allows for:

  • A wider variety of clinic collection sites available to the client
  • Price and rapid turnaround time optimization through FirstRequest™ allows users to compare several local sites. (for example, the cost at two labs with patient service centers in the city of Philadelphia may be the same, but the ETA feature in FirstRequest™ will tell you which location and lab has had the fastest turnaround time in the last 90 days)
  • Utilization of both collection sites owned or closely affiliated with a laboratory and independent collection sites that ship specimens to one or more laboratories
  • Ease in switching laboratories when one or more laboratories experiences high volumes, staffing shortages, or instrumentation malfunctions that cause turnaround time delays

Strategy 5: Prioritize the Most Efficient Clinics

Removing a clinic option can force behavior change by employees, compliance team members and recruiters. For example, a particular clinic may be popular with employees because it’s across the street from your business. However, that clinic has mediocre turnaround times and/or high-priced services, and a better option exists within a reasonable drive. Vault can delete the neighboring clinic from your FirstRequest™ account, ensuring your compliance team and your employees use a better option in your community.

Strategy 6: Periodically Review your Drug Panels

When an employer determines their drug testing panel, they must specify not only the substances they wish to test for, but also what the cut off level of each substance should be set at. The combinations of substances and cut-off levels are infinite.

For labs, costs are best controlled by running higher volumes of the same test. Therefore, the most common employment drug screening panels and specimen types usually cost the least. Start by including a list of substances you must test for, and a second list of substances you’d like to test for if the price is right. Next, ask Vault for a list of panels and costs based on your list(s). If better pricing is available, review the cut-off level of the lower-priced panel to see if it meets your needs.

Urine screenings are often the lowest cost, but employees often prefer to provide oral fluid (saliva) samples. Vault’s compliance team is available to help you weigh the pros and cons of specimen type, panel inclusions and substance cut-off levels. Panels may also need to vary by state, depending on screening requirements, laws and regulations.

When you’re ready, ask Vault to update your FirstRequest™ account with the panels you want, including differing panels by role, regulatory body or state law. Having the right panels available ensures you can avoid retesting costs when an incorrect or out of date panel is selected

Unlocking Value with Vault’s FirstRequest™ Platform

In the dynamic world of workforce management and pre-employment screenings, Vault's FirstRequest™ system stands out as a critical tool for human resource and compliance teams. This system not only simplifies the intricate processes of drug, alcohol, and occupational health screenings but also ensures that clients achieve significant efficiency and cost savings. Our clients' success stories underscore the benefits and value this system offers.

Ready to Transform Your Employment Screening Process?

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