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Flu Clinic Ops: Innovative Staffing Strategies for Nursing Shortages

August 31, 2023

In light of last year’s surge in influenza cases and anticipated challenges for the upcoming 2023-2024 flu season, the need for flu clinics extends beyond healthcare environments. The ongoing nursing shortage makes it imperative for industries like trucking, manufacturing, and other non-healthcare domains to adopt proactive strategies to help keep their workforce healthy. Leveraging Third Party Administrators (TPAs) to source mobile vaccination staff is an innovative solution. Here’s why and how:

1. Why Non-Healthcare Industries Should Care

  • Employee Health Equals Productivity: For sectors like trucking, cargo doesn’t move unless an operator is healthy enough to drive it to its destination. Ensuring drivers are protected against the flu can reduce downtime and missed shifts.
  • Corporate Responsibility: Demonstrating concern for employee well-being reinforces a positive company image, crucial for industries with high public visibility and key to employee retention.

2. The Value of a TPA in Staffing a Flu Clinic

Leveraging the capabilities of a TPA can streamline the staffing process.

  • Efficiency: TPAs come with a network of qualified and reliable clinic providers and nurses, ensuring you don’t waste time on sourcing and vetting.
  • Flexibility: Need nursing staff for just one event? TPAs can cater to short-term, specific requirements, ensuring you only pay for what you need. Interested in offering additional vaccination options? TPAs can deliver those as well.

3. Mobilize Your Vaccination Efforts

Consider the use of mobile clinic vendors.

  • Accessibility: Especially for industries where employees are spread out geographically (like trucking) or across shifts (such as manufacturing), mobile clinics can bring services directly to them, where and when employees are available.
  • Convenience: Reduce absenteeism by eliminating the need for employees to take time off and seek out vaccination services externally.

4. Holistic Health Solutions

Think beyond the flu. A healthy workforce is a year-round objective.

  • Comprehensive Care: With Vault's network, get access to nurses trained to administer a range of vaccinations – from flu to tetanus and COVID.

5. Leverage Technology for Smooth Operations

Vault's technology platform, FirstRequest™ can be a vital tool.

  • Efficient Scheduling: Use technology platforms for streamlined clinic appointment bookings, ensuring minimal disruption to work schedules.
  • Direct Pay: For employers seeking to protect gig workers, contractors or staff who do not have access to employer-provided health insurance, employer-sponsored events are most successful. Scheduling through Vault ensures billing simplicity for an employer seeking to provide protection from the flu.

6. Partnering Beyond the Flu Season

 Year-Round Health Commitment for your Workforce

Stay connected with your screening partner, tapping into comprehensive screening opportunities, from routine human performance exams for your employees to infectious disease testing such as Tuberculosis, Vault is here to ensure employees are well and able to work.

Conclusion: Ensuring Workforce Wellness Amidst Nursing Shortages

While the nursing shortage presents its challenges, proactive and innovative strategies and partnerships can help safeguard the health of employees across various industries. Partnering with committed service providers like Vault helps organizations keep their workforce protected. Connect with Vault for customized solutions:

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