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Benefits of Custom Screening Solutions with the Right Vendor Partner

April 26, 2022

Finding the right vendor can be an overwhelming task, often resulting in modifying your own business processes to compensate for areas in which you have a genuine need, that your vendor can’t or won’t solve for. It’s frustrating to say the least, and the resulting makeshift solutions often add more work, and less efficiency to your everyday job.

At Vault Workforce Screening, we know this to be true for many when it comes to screening solutions.  Many of the services offered in the screening industry have become commoditized, and you will see much of the same information coming back on basic screening package orders from your chosen vendor, regardless of who they are.  This information is critical, and should be audited regularly for quality, turnaround times, and competitive pricing. But these solutions, although necessary, rarely address your complete business needs, or unique workflows.

We recognize this as an industry wide issue, and have chosen to take a more partnership style approach to our offering and solutions. We work with our clients to completely understand their business, workflows, and unique needs, and craft our solutions to complement existing or newly defined workflows that work for them, whether through a technological approach, or custom process. We strive to deliver complete solutions that solve for their business needs. The end result, in nearly every instance, produces enormous benefits to cost, time, risk reduction, and satisfaction.

We asked Sara Hobson, Vault’s Vice President of Healthcare and Staffing, to share an example of how Vault has used this approach to solve for a unique customer need.  

“Back in 2018, we had a large healthcare staffing company ask if we would take on the shipment of respirator masks since we were already shipping out chain of custody forms for drug testing. It was a challenging task because they only had 1-2 team members available to package and ship off the masks for a growing number of compliance requests. We agreed to help figure out a solution, and at first did so in a bootstrap fashion, where the client would enter a message in our portal, First Request, every time they needed masks. They would hand type the mask order and where it needed to be shipped. This healthcare staffing company loved that we found a solution and quickly implemented this service because they had a tremendous demand for masks and it was becoming far too much for the 2 receptionists to manage at the end of each day.

As time went by, we iteratively improved our process, and ended up extending this service to other healthcare staffing companies who expressed interest in our support. The feedback from these additional clients was overwhelmingly positive. Then the pandemic hit and many staffing companies went remote, so the need became even greater because their healthcare professionals could not get access to masks by typical means, or the compliance team had to store masks in their homes and go to FedEx or UPS at the end of each day. This was in addition to having an overwhelming number of healthcare professionals that needed to get through compliance in short order.

We did not have a mask inventory process at that time. So we decided to build a tool for inventory management, and a backend process to make our team better able to navigate the growing requests for masks. What we have today is an incredible tool that shows real-time mask stock by type. With a few clicks, mask orders can be shipped easily and delivered the next day.“

Mask fit testing has become a unique offering we have been successful with and offer to this day. Very few TPAs ship masks themselves, directly to clinics. Vault has a daily shipment that goes out at 5pm eastern, 5 days a week for overnight delivery the next day.

This is just one example, of many we have at Vault, of how building solutions that meet your business needs helps us differentiate our offering and provide a truly better experience. The results will help you succeed, while helping us learn, grow and evolve our offering to meet current, ever-changing, real world needs.

If you have unique needs, gaps in your screening program and workflows, or simply would like us to show you how Vault is different, click below to schedule a brief call where we can show how we may be able to provide you a truly better screening experience.