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Meet the Team - Erin McCarthy

April 10, 2022

In our 4th Meet the Team installment, you'll meet Erin McCarthy, Product Manager. Erin leverages her experience in healthcare to help Vault continually improve it's product offering to customers. We had the chance to chat with Erin and learn more about how she made this career transition, how it helps her build better products for Vault, and how working from home has changed her perspective.

Hi Erin. We notice you weren't always in Product Management. Tell us how you ended up in your role Vault?

Before joining Vault, my first career was actually as an inpatient therapist treating addiction and mental health in Pennsylvania. I’m extremely passionate about helping others. Vault offered me a unique opportunity to focus on my strengths and my career path which ultimately brought me into a Product Management role.

When I first joined Vault, I had the opportunity to direct operations for our Recovery Management business line. I absolutely loved working with our operations team and our clients who were equally passionate about Professional Health Monitoring. The success rates in Professional Health Monitoring are significantly higher than the general population and I was not only fascinated by this, but happy to be a part of it. I was introduced to an excellent Product mentor as well during this time. Now I get to use my clinical skills a bit more informally and focus on our clients and their overall user experience with our suite of products. Learning more about our clients' needs and striving toward consistent improvement while introducing new features is my new passion. Vault has helped me grow professionally while focusing on my strengths in the work I do daily, which is very rewarding. I appreciate Vault for the opportunities provided to me over the past several years.

What is your favorite story in your time here? 

Having a more product focused lens, I can’t just pick one story. The theme that comes through in each example I am considering, is that of collaboration. We have amazing clients who know their needs and workflows best. Constant collaboration with our clients and the changing industry needs, helps us to consistently deliver consistent and meaningful changes to our products and offerings. Every enhancement we make to improve client satisfaction is a win.  

As you work so closely with our clients, you've probably learned quite a bit. Do you have any advice for someone managing an employment screening program? 

As I mentioned, collaboration is key to the success of our products and our client success. Talk with your provider every opportunity you have. While compliance is the name of the game in a lot of the work we do, it is a relationship business. Collaborating with, and making sure your provider truly understands your unique needs and workflows is one of the most important parts of success in managing your screening program.  

How would you describe your leadership style?

I consider myself a Solutions-Oriented leader. The leading belief system that guides my leadership philosophy is focused on great effort in communication and understanding, to consistently work towards the best solutions for our clients and for our business.

What is something unique or interesting about you?  

Something unique about me is my career change. While there is a thread in my career change of working within helping professions, going from working as an inpatient therapist to working as a product leader for this growing healthcare company, is not somewhere I saw my life headed. It’s a good reminder to listen to the leaders around you, find good mentors, focus on your strengths, and face any imposter syndrome head on. The only thing in between you and a new career move is you.  

How has working remote changed your lifestyle, changed Vault’s culture or changed the client experience we provide? 

Working remotely has certainly presented its challenges over the past few years, but ultimately I view it as having a positive impact on my work/life balance which I believe also improves our company culture. Removing commutes and time away from home has given me more time to focus on my family and the other key part of my identify, being a mother. I have more time for hobbies and this has allowed me to be more intentional in my tools for decompressing from work and refocusing on my home life. I would say the hardest part is not getting as much in-person time with co-workers I value as part of my day-to-day.  

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