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Meet the Team - Ivette Casey

June 5, 2022

In this week's Meet the Team installment, you'll meet Ivette Casey, Vault's Retrieval Team Manager.  We sat down with Ivette and learned more about her background, what her typical workday looks like, and got some great advice on managing a screening program.

Hi Ivette. Thanks for taking the time to meet with us. Can you share more about your background with Vault? 

In January 2021 I was hired by the company as a Retrievals Manager over a team of 23 Workforce and Clinical Reps. In this role my task has consisted of managing production, TAT’s, Training, creating SOP’s, coaching, communicating with reps, and helping them understand where they are excelling, or where they are missing the mark by screensharing and going through specific areas.  Working off facts and being able to prove them by showing, was a characteristic that being in the military taught me and has helped me throughout my professional career.

How do you feel about Working with Vault today?

As a people leader at Vault, I have enjoyed the experience of being able to utilize my skillsets, team build, interacting with senior level management, and being able to offer up thoughts and ideas to enhance processes, productivity, and seeing them implemented.

What does your average day look like? What’s involved in your job?

My average day consists of checking emails for action items that need to be responded to right away, 1x1’s, managing reps to ensure they stay on task, managing the worklist throughout the day to see how many untouched orders we have at certain times of the day, and shifting reps as needed, to ensure there are 0 untouched by EOD, auditing, updating the KPI scorecard, updating SOP’s as needed, Timecard and time off request, with a few meetings sprinkled in.

What is your best advice for someone managing an employment screening program?

The best advice that I can give someone managing an employment screening program is to first get to know your people individually their strengths, weaknesses, and skillsets, to know where they fit best. Be available to your team.  Focus on the team goal as well as the individual goal, and never leave anyone behind, always be ready to coach up, retrain, or do what is needed so that everyone will succeed.  One thing we must remember is a leader is only as good as their team.

How do you approach solving problems in your role?

Before approaching a problem, I must know what the problem is, gather all facts, what caused the problem, after which produce an effective solution, which will develop productive employees, and monitor the progress and result of the solution.

How has working remote changed your lifestyle, changed Vault’s culture or changed the client experience we provide?

Working remotely has changed my lifestyle because there is the flexibility of working anywhere with a strong internet connection, not being stuck at my home of residence.  When thinking about the company, I believe that working remotely has changed Vaults culture because it not only entails a great work life balance, but will also create higher productivity from employees, which in turn will make the client happy to know what their orders are being worked in a timely manner.  

Enough about work. What else do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy traveling, shopping, and going out to eat with friends.