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Meet the Team - Regina Doural, CSAPA

June 30, 2022

In our latest installment of "Meet the Team," we are introducing you to Regina Doural, our General Manager of Compliance Services at Vault. We had the privilege to converse with Regina and learn about her comprehensive background at Vault and discover what she loves doing outside of the office.

Hi Regina, we appreciate your time. Could you share a bit about yourself and your journey with our readers?

Answer: I joined Vault (FirstLab at the time) in 2000 after many years in customer service and retail management. I started at Vault as the receptionist and was given additional responsibilities and roles throughout the years working in many different departments within the company and have settled into a role that I enjoy doing and am passionate about.  
In addition to my role as Vault, I am honored to serve as the president of CCDAPP (Certification Commission of Drug and Alcohol Program Professionals) and on the board of directors for SAPAA (Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association).

How did you find yourself at Vault?

Answer: 23 years ago, as a single parent I was looking for a job that gave me the home, family and work balance I needed. I accepted a position as the receptionist for Vault (FirstLab at the time). I knew nothing about being a receptionist or about drug testing. As the company grew so did my knowledge of our services and the industry allowing me to grow with the company. As part of that journey, I became a Certified Substance Abuse Program Administrator (CSAPA), which allows me to share my knowledge with Vault’s employees, clients and the industry.

What do you like most about Vault?

Answer: Vault prioritizes client satisfaction, but still focuses on compliance. We don’t compromise on compliance. We educate our employees and clients, providing them with solutions to help the programs run smoothly, effectively and efficiently while maintaining compliance. For this we have many long-time clients, that I enjoy meeting at various conferences and collaborating with to find solutions for them.

What is your leadership philosophy?

Answer: Knowledge is important in all positions, but especially in a leadership role. Our clients come to us for our knowledge. As leaders we support our team members to gain the knowledge they need in their current position, and future positions and roles within the company.

Ok, we’ve talked a lot about work. What do you like to do outside of work?

Answer: Outside of work I love to travel. Travelling allows me to spend time with family and friends and see new sights. I love spending time at National parks and state parks appreciating the beauty of our country. I have visited 49 states and a number of countries and my goal is to find a reason to visit North Dakota for number 50.

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