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Meet the Team - Tyrah Lawson

March 22, 2022

As we continue our Meet the Team series, we’re featuring Vault’s very own Tyrah Lawson, who heads up all things background screening related.  Tyrah is a seasoned veteran in the industry, and sits down with us to discuss why she loves working at Vault, how she came to be here, and what she likes to do outside of work. She also shares a bit on how you can better manage your background screening program.

Hi Tyrah. Thanks for taking the time to chat. You play a big part in helping Vault delivers solutions to our clients every day. How did you up at Vault?

I’ve been in the background screening industry for 15 years this year. I actually landed at Vault by accident, but I’m extremely happy I did. I spent 13 years at another CRA and left that CRA in 2021. From there I landed at one of the big CRA’s leading their vendor management department. I was happy in that role and wasn’t looking to move, when Vault found me. What persuaded me to move to Vault was the opportunity to be able to help grow the Background Screening department, and support clients in a role that I had previously done and enjoyed, and work with an amazing team!

Speaking of amazing teams, why do you love working at Vault?

I love the environment and culture at Vault! It’s amazing to be at a company that embraces creativity and problem solving in their leadership and their team. The energy at Vault is extremely positive and that is obviously felt all the way down through the organization. This type of energy helps to keep everyone engaged, positive, and willing to speak up when they see something that would improve our solutions.

Do you have a particular favorite client story?

We have a client that’s been with Vault for many, many years.  They had many employees over the years that had managed the screening for their employees and candidates. By the time I came on board, their account had been adjusted so many times, it had gotten to the point where it no longer functioned the way that they needed it to. We sat down with the client numerous times to discuss the issues they were having, and what needed to be corrected and set up for their current needs. We ended up stepping through their program and account, setting by setting, and getting them properly set up. We also recommended a few extra packages for the client based on their needs. By doing this, we were able to resolve the issues the client was experiencing and provide a comprehensive solution for all their needs. They ended up so happy, they continue to tell everyone about Vault to this day. I enjoyed being part of the solution they were so happy with in the end.

What is your best advice for someone managing an employment screening program?

Know that your background screening company is here to be your partner. We are here to help you get what you need in regard to your program whether that’s creating multiple packages for different roles, providing compliance resources within our scope, or simply answer questions where we can. When you succeed, we both succeed.

What is your leadership philosophy?

Surround yourself with a great team. I often seek information from my team, who do the day-to-day work, as they often have the best ideas on how to resolve bottlenecks and to make things more efficient. Let the experts do their job. They don’t need me to micromanage their day.

What is something unique or interesting about you?

I am an avid motorcycle rider. I have ridden my own motorcycle for 11 years and this is often what I can be found doing on weekends and vacation. Because of this, I’ve seen some of the most amazing scenery the Western US has to offer. This has also made me a photography hobbyist, so my camera comes with me everywhere I go.

How has working remotely changed your lifestyle, changed Vault’s culture, or changed the client experience we provide?

During COVID I was in the office, as I had staff that was required to be in the office. When everyone went home, I said there is no way that I could ever do that. Well, famous last words!!! I love being remote, but because of this, I also regularly spend time with my team to connect with them about what occurs outside of work, as this is something that would normally occur in the office, and is just as important even if we’re all working at home. I’ve also found that because my commute is 30 seconds - if that, I need to schedule time to take a walk, get away from my computer for a few minutes, and reset my brain. I’ve also given myself a schedule, so that I’m not working 24/7. Doing this has helped to keep me moving, avoid that burn-out, but still remain accessible to my team as well as my internal and external clients.


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