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Mobile Flu Clinics: Custom Solutions for the Always-on Workforce

September 1, 2023

While traditional and remote office workers might find it relatively easy to pop into their local clinic or pharmacy for a flu shot, what happens when your workforce is always on the move or works non-traditional hours? For industries like manufacturing, long-haul trucking, and mass transit, the 9-5 clinic setup just doesn't cut it. But the health of your employees remains paramount. That's where our innovative mobile flu clinics come into play.

1. Manufacturing: Protecting Shift Workers

Working in shifts means typical clinic and pharmacy hours may be impractical for your team. Vault can meet the needs of shift workers by setting up clinics at your manufacturing facilities, ensuring employees get their flu shots as they clock in or out, no matter the hour.

2. Long-Haul Trucking: Vaccinations on the Go

Truckers are the lifeblood of our economy, but their erratic schedules can make healthcare access challenging.

  • Nationwide Stops: With clinics spread across the country, truckers can stop by for a quick shot whenever it's convenient. Vault clients can enter an order into our system based on the driver’s terminal of origin, destination, or layover location.
  • Mobile Vaccination: No need to venture off course for a flu shot. We'll send our mobile vaccinators to the location most convenient to your workforces for a pop-up vaccination event. 

3. Transit Buses: Catch Them Before They Roll

Buses operate on tight schedules, especially during rush hours.

  • Early Bird Clinics: We'll set up as early as 4am to ensure we catch those early morning pull outs. Our clinics will operate through the end of the morning rush hour, wrapping up after rush hour service wraps.
  • Make the Most of Downtime: For drivers who work split shifts, they can get their flu shots during their midday break and be back on the road for the evening rush hour.
  1. Anywhere and Everywhere

Wherever there are workers, wherever there's a break, our mobile flu clinics are designed to be there. Odd hours? Remote locations? Challenging schedules? We've got you covered.

Conclusion: Taking Health Solutions on the Road with Mobile Clinics

Safeguarding your workforce's health is paramount. But when one-size-fits-all solutions don't suffice, it's time to think outside the box—or, in this case, outside the clinic. Our mobile flu clinics offer flexible solutions tailored for dynamic industries, ready to meet your teams wherever they are. From factory floors to cross-country trucking routes, we ensure flu protection is just around the corner.

Stay proactive, ensure wellness at every turn, and let us bring the flu shots directly to your doorstep.  

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