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Basics of Recovery Monitoring for Licensure Boards and Licensees

May 26, 2022

Recovery monitoring for licensure boards and their licensees is a process designed to help healthcare professionals who have a mental or physical disorder, such as a substance use disorder, to receive appropriate treatment and ongoing monitoring of their condition and practice. It provides an alternative to disciplinary action, and protects public health and safety, as well as the practitioner's career. Different states may have different programs, policies and procedures for recovery monitoring. Success with healthcare license monitoring includes understanding the roles and responsibilities of various authorities, such as national certification organizations, state boards of medical examiners, and healthcare accreditors, and designing a program with the ability to monitor and verify licenses while ensuring compliance with government regulations and accreditation requirements. This is where a company such as Vault Workforce Screening can help, as we have been partnered with professional licensing boards for over 30+ years to develop custom software and the largest menu of drug and alcohol testing options for recovery compliance and accountability.

Benefits of recovery monitoring for healthcare professionals

  • Protecting public health and safety from impaired practice by identifying and treating substance use disorders or other mental or physical impairments which affect the quality of care.
  • Encouraging and promoting successful recovery amongst healthcare professionals, by providing them with support, guidance, and accountability to follow their treatment and recovery goals.
  • Improved retention of skilled practitioners by bringing them safely back to practice after completing their recovery program.
  • Improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare utilization by allowing clinicians to monitor patients' health status over time, outside of conventional clinical settings, especially for chronic and acute conditions.
  • Reducing the total cost of care. Lowered hospital admissions, readmissions, and emergency department visits.

Building a Recovery Monitoring Program

Programs that monitor the recovery journey come in all formats, with many different approaches to reach the ultimate goals of a healthy life for the participant and safety for the general public. Vault Workforce Screening is uniquely positioned to provide the external support and engagement services that can dramatically increase recovery rates for individuals with Substance Use Disorders (SUD), saving lives, and significantly reducing costly insurance utilization.  

Vault’s team of experts have designed a customized menu of service options to meet the requirements of recovery monitoring programs, drug courts, alternative discipline programs and state licensure boards nationwide.

The following features are at the core of the Professional Health Monitoring Services Vault provides:

  • Expert MRO and Addiction Specialist Services
  • Mobile access, designed for program participants to check‐in, secure messaging, document uploads, self-report completion, prescription management, meeting and appointment check-in, access calendars, find collection sites, order supplies etc.
  • 16,000+ Nationwide Collection Site Network (plus virtual collection options for oral fluids)
  • Secure Access to Results for Program Management
  • Dedicated Account Coordinator
  • Random Testing Management (using expanded panels for urine, hair, nails, blood and oral fluids)
  • SAMHSA Certified Laboratories
  • Paperless participant documentation
  • Direct Billing of Participants for labs and collection
  • Program support and consultation from the most experienced team of experts in the industry

Learn more about Vault’s Recovery Monitoring Solutions for Licensed Professionals. If you are thinking about starting a new program, or changing/improving your existing program, you can schedule a call to discuss Vault’s options and see a demo of our best-in-class program management platform.