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Trucking Screening Programs: Stage 4 - Ensuring Readiness and Adoption

May 10, 2022

Today we’ll continue detailing steps you should take when rethinking your screening program, workflow, vendors, and overall strategy. We have created a 5-stage program you can use to ensure success for any change management project.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the fourth stage, which involves Readiness & Adoption. At the end of this phase, you will be taking your new program, workflows and integrations live!    

Readiness and Adoption task infographic

Stage 4: Readiness & Adoption

In the Readiness & Adoption stage, you’ll focus on processes, documentation and training employees.

We’ve broken this stage into 2 key steps:

1. Create Documentation and User Process

In this step, you will be creating documentation and processes for system users to reference when first switching to the new system. This will increase adoption and further complement your employee training.

  • Create new processes necessary to utilize system.  Use those who have helped build the program to put together documentation, SOPs, training sheets, etc.  
  • Work with IT and other stakeholders to create new/update existing help desk documentation for support.
  • Document all new process and workflows necessary for success along with plan to continually update.

Your Transition Team Leader should work with stakeholders to develop new processes, workflows and user documentation.  This documentation will help build confidence in using the new system and help to minimize customer satisfaction issues associated with system changes.

2. Conduct Employee Training & Readiness

Train all users on the new system, explaining new features, what’s changed, etc.  Present a clear timeline and set expectations for the production launch.

  • Train employees on the new system.
  • Announce timeline for launch and prepare internal staff.

Your Transition Team Leader should coordinate and train or assist in training staff on the usage of the new system.  Discuss expectations with staff and answer any final questions before going live with your new program.

Once you and your team are comfortable, work with your IT Team to take your new system live!

In the next stage, you will learn more on how to manage, scale, and iterate your system moving forward.

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