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Trucking Companies: Stage 5 - Post-Launch Review of Screening Program

May 12, 2022

Today we’ll wrap up our series on steps you should take when rethinking your screening program, workflow, vendors, and overall strategy. Hopefully you can use this 5-stage program as a roadmap for success for any change management project.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the fifth and final stage, which is ongoing following your launch. This stage involves looking for and finding new value and strengths, expected or unexpected, and incorporating them into your business and workflows. By setting up a regular cadence of following the two steps in this stage, you will be able to iterate and scale your program indefinitely, while making sure you stay current on all regulatory, technology, and process related changes that will inevitably occur. Over time, you can continually maximize efficiencies, rather than add complexity to your newly formed processes and technology.

Stage 5: Post Launch Review

In the Post-Launch Review Phase, you’ll focus on identifying and documenting newfound strengths and value in your program, and using those to continually improve workflows, technology, and processes.

We’ve broken this stage into 2 key steps:

1. Assess New Value & Strengths

Once the new system is live, you will be able to see new value and strengths that can be leveraged throughout many areas of your organization. These areas often present new opportunities your business can take advantage of.

  • Assess rollout and decide if you have met the business objectives defined at the outset.
  • Identify newfound strengths and how they affect your business.
  • Present new values and strengths to appropriate stakeholders for go-forward planning.

Your Transition Team Leader should work with your team to identify and document any new values and/or strengths that have been found since launching. They will make recommendations at this point if something was missed, or could have been done differently. At this time, your Transition Team Leader will also handoff to your permanent Program Manager.

2. Ongoing Account Review, User Feedback, Service & Offering Iteration

From the day you begin using a new program, workflows, and vendors, you should have an ongoing plan to review, fix, improve and optimize how you use the system.

  • Schedule regular account review calls with your vendor(s).
  • Define a process to handle recommendations on new services, packages and/or features and incorporate them into your existing program moving forward.

Your Account Manager should meet with you regularly to review your experience. Vault Account Managers will monitor data to ensure you are ordering the packages and services that are right for your account. New features and recommendations will be presented to you in a timely manner, and we will discuss overall user and candidate experience with you to make sure we maintain the highest level of service possible. These two steps, as mentioned, should be taken regularly, to ensure your program remains efficient and current.

We hope you found this roadmap valuable as you thin about how to tackle the project of optimizing your screening program.

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