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Building a better screening program for trucking: a 5 stage plan

May 2, 2022

2023 is the first time in three years that many companies have seen a temporary slowing of the pace we've endured since the beginning of the pandemic. This has resulted in many organizations putting off changes they knew they needed, but couldn’t prioritize.  

One of the industries that has seen the most demand, allowing for even less room to focus on the changes to the job market, hiring landscape, and needed internal changes, has been the trucking industry. Last month, we touched on reasons why now was a great time to rethink and optimize your HR strategy in this post. The article discussed why now is a great time to rethink strategy and approach change. With this post, we are kicking off a 6 part in-depth series on how to approach that change with the greatest chance of success.

This series will detail 5 stages of auditing and optimizing your trucking screening program, as well as migrating to a new program and solution. The five phases we will look at are:

  1. Pre-planning and Due Diligence - You'll learn how to approach evaluating your existing pain points and requirements. You'll also be evaluating your security and technology capabilities along with legal, regulatory, and compliance needs. You'll learn how to identify subject matter experts and stakeholders necessary for success.
  2. Planning - Here we'll talking about building your optimal team to ensure a seamless migration to any new vendors, technologies and or processes. You'll learn how to develop your change management plan, migration timeline and milestones. You'll learn how to create a risk mitigation plan preparing your organization for any potential risks involved in the migration. Here, you'll also evaluate all your vendor relationships and contracts and identify where you may be able to save money technology redundancies, and resources moving forward.
  3. IT Integration - Here we'll discuss implementing your change management plan, integrating your applications and systems, integrating new and existing workflows and administrative functions, and performing User Access Testing (UAT)
  4. Readiness & Adoption - In this stage, you'll learn the best way to create documentation and user processes, as well as train your employees and have them ready for launch.
  5. Post-Launch Review and Continual Optimization - Following a successful launch, you'll learn how to assess newfound value and strengths, and work with your vendor to further customize your workflows and program to capitalize on those and grow with changes over time.

In each of these posts, we will break down valuable steps that need to be taken to succeed, and detail exactly what you can expect from each, focusing on the technology, process, and human elements you’ll need to plan for.  

At the end of the series, you will have a clear picture of how to thoroughly analyze and understand where you have gaps in your existing program, vendor solutions, costs, risk and technology, and how  to build a solid business case for change and optimizing each. You'll come away with a clear roadmap, including 19 key steps throughout the 5 stages listed above, which you can share with your leadership and all teams involved, and give them peace of mind in tackling the project with confidence.

This roadmap will help you not only build your business case, but give you clear expectations on who and what is involved in each step, as well as identify costs, time and resourcing that will be necessary to complete the project.  Although we will be focusing specifically on your screening program, this process and roadmap can be repurposed for any change management project you may need to approach.

We hope you enjoy this series, and gain value from it. If you would like further guidance in the early stages of this project, Vault if offering a free 30-minute program review (see below) where we can help you in the auditing phase and give you vital regulatory requirements that will need to be considered as you plan your screening strategy.

Below are links to all stages for this program:

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  1. A better screening program for trucking companies Stage 1: Pre-Planning
  1. A better screening program for trucking companies. Stage 2: Planning
  1. A better screening program for trucking companies. Stage 3: Platform Integration
  1. A better screening program for trucking companies. Stage 4: Readiness & Adoption
  1. A better screening program for trucking companies. Stage 5: Post Launch Review

Vault offers a completely modernized screening experience specifically designed for trucking companies. We also have transportation experts who can review your screening program in detail to make sure there are no red flags. Delivering a modern mobile-first, driver friendly candidate experience is critical in today's hiring landscape and a clearly defined program and policy ensures consistency, accuracy, and efficiency in your hiring process. Schedule today and we'll step through every aspect of your program and where you may be able to improve. There is no obligation or risk involved, and you'll receive a free report you can review with team members following the consultation.

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