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Why Have T Levels Dropped Nationally?

Many guys assume that T plays its biggest role during puberty, and understandably so. From a young age, we’re taught that T helps us develop some of our most distinguishably male characteristics, including testicles, body hair, and erections. But what many guys don’t realize is that T continues to play a critical role throughout our lives.

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See Why Peptides Are a Better Choice Than Synthetic HGH

Because our bodies make less growth hormone as we get older, people sometimes wonder if synthetic human growth hormone—often marketed as a miracle drug that can increase muscle mass, boost libido, improve energy levels, and more—may be the anti-aging solution they’re seeking. But does HGH really work the way the people selling it claim it does? 

How to Keep Your Fitness Going Through Winter, Covid, and the Holiday Season

Winter is coming: That means colder temperatures, more calorie-dense foods, and holiday gatherings. And while it’s no secret that 2020 has been a bit of a rollercoaster, with new anxieties and uncertainties at every turn—keeping up your fitness game shouldn’t be one of them. See which tips could help you for staying fit this winter!

Improving Low T with Lifestyle and Treatment-Based Approaches

Though lifestyle adjustments can help improve the effects of low T, TRT is the most surefire way to correct a significant imbalance. At Vault, subcutaneous injection is the most recommended and reliable way to deliver TRT. Because of the efficiency of this method, you can get away with just once-a-week injections. But if you’re opposed to injections, there are other options, including topical treatments. There are testosterone creams and gels built by compound pharmacies that will work for most guys.

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