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How Stress Can Impact Your Sex Life

For many of us, stress is a normal part of everyday life. Whether we experience it in ebbs and flows or as a regular part of our routine, it's easy to understand the effect it has on our mental and emotional health. But what about our sex lives? For men, the connection is clear: chronic stress can have a direct impact on testosterone production, which in turn can decrease libido, and increase the risk for erectile dysfunction and infertility.

What Performance-Based Healthcare Really Means

What does performance-based healthcare mean? At its core, it's about prevention and goal-achieving. Do you want to perform better at sports, or perform better sexually? Were you passed over for a raise? What if you could improve focus and mental clarity so you can perform better at work? Or, maybe you’re most interested in improving body composition and increasing energy levels? Whatever your specific goal, there’s plenty you and your provider can work on.

How Vault’s COVID-19 Test Could Help You

As the U.S. continues to research and develop cutting-edge tools in the fight against COVID-19, one thing is clear: saliva tests are essential in this pandemic. Vault Health has developed multiple programs to ensure individuals, organizations, and even local counties/states can leverage the saliva test. Learn more here:

The Benefits of Seasonal Living

Let’s be honest: the start of a new season is rarely cause for a big change in our lives. Though it may affect how we dress, what sport we watch, and what holiday gathering we attend, a new season doesn’t affect how we live. But maybe it should.

The Answer Vault: A Q&A with Chef Dan Churchill, Best Selling Author and Host of The Epic Table

An Australian chef with a master’s degree in exercises science, Dan Churchill’s can-do approach to healthy eating has earned him a place on Forbes’s venerable 30-under-30 list. Here, he takes on all our questions—from go-to healthy snacks to what manhood means in 2020.

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