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How Fostering Male Friendships Can Support Your Mental Health

Poor physical and mental health, fewer meaningful social interactions, and demanding work structures have helped contribute to our growing culture of loneliness. And though making new friends as an adult isn’t short of its challenges, it’s clear that men have a particularly hard time when it comes to building meaningful friendships.

Planning an International Trip? Here's How Vault Can Help

These days, travel restrictions and CDC requirements are changing regularly. In our quickly evolving landscape, we’re doing our part to improve access to Covid-19 testing and help all Americans travel safely inside and outside the US. Last year, we were the first company to offer an at-home FDA EUA authorized saliva test for COVID-19. Since then, we’ve leveraged our testing technology to help travelers stay safe and comply with government regulations.

New Treatment Kit Designed To Boost Sexual Performance `

Along with improving your erections, this kit will also help you get easily aroused, feel more connected with your partner, and experience a more intense orgasm. 

How to Improve Your Physical Fitness in the New Year

Resolutions often get a bad rap—and that’s entirely on us. Our collective lack of follow-through means that most new year’s resolutions get abandoned by February. But not this year. This year, we’re here to help you keep your commitment to your fitness and physical goals. Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to inject new life into a stale regimen, here are our top strategies and hacks for making fitness and physical health a priority in 2021. 

How Vault is Helping to Administer Covid Vaccines

At Vault, we’re committed to helping you optimize your health and quality of life. This past year has thrown unprecedented challenges at all of us, but we’ve remained steadfast in our mission of supporting your health. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve leveraged our expertise to help improve population health. Early on, we partnered with RUCDR Infinite Biologics and Spectrum Solutions to become the first company to offer an at-home FDA EUA authorized saliva test for COVID-19. 

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