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Why Low T Could Be Harming Your Relationship

Symptoms of low T can vary from man to man—and some men can be completely asymptomatic—but research shows that three of the most common symptoms are low libido, loss of spontaneous erections, and erectile dysfunction (ED). In fact, researchers from the European Study of the Aging Male found that men who experienced two out of these three symptoms were more likely to have low testosterone. Understanding how these symptoms—low libido, loss of spontaneous erections, and ED—are the most sensitive signs of low T, it’s easy to see how testosterone deficiency can lead to difficulties with sexual intimacy.

How Testosterone Therapy Can Prevent or Reverse Type-2 Diabetes

At Vault, we’re no stranger to the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Over the past several decades, studies have shown that testosterone therapy helps men build muscle, burn fat, improve libido, build endurance, improve mood, and strengthen bones. But that’s not all. Additional studies show that men with low testosterone levels have a higher risk of death from heart attacks, and that TRT decreases that risk, including the risk of death. Now, research points to another possible benefit of TRT: a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

How Vault Goes Above and Beyond to Ensure Our Vaccination Sites are Fast, Efficient, and Safe

Since the start of this year, we’ve leveraged our technology and cutting-edge science to offer at-scale solutions for COVID-19 vaccine distribution.  And we’ve seen our efforts deliver successful and scalable results: In four short months we’ve helped administer more than 250,000 vaccines safely and efficiently. The research is clear that the available vaccines are our best resource for preventing people from getting sick and eventually defeating this virus. 

When Stress Can Be Good For You

Scientists and medical experts understand how chronic stress can have long-term effects on our mental and physical health. Specifically, data shows that chronic stress can contribute to problems with the heart and blood vessels, including an increased risk for heart attack, hypertension, and stroke. But what if not all stress were bad for you? What if some experiences of stress actually improved your physical and mental health?

How Viagra and Cialis May Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

In general, the life expectancy of men is five years shorter than that of women, and their higher risk of cardiovascular events plays an important factor in this statistic. New studies published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that men who use medications like Viarga or Cialis—like those used in Vault’s Sex Kit and Libido Kit—may have fewer rates of cardiovascular events, like heart attacks and strokes. This is groundbreaking news.

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