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How Vault Is Helping You Get to Madison Square Garden Safely

Recently, we’ve launched a program to help fans get to the game in one of the country’s most cherished stadiums: Madison Square Garden. In early February of 2021, the state of New York decided to reopen arenas to fans who are able to complete a negative PCR test within 72-hours of the game they plan to attend. Having previously worked with Madison Square Garden to provide access to reliable testing on a corporate level, this new development gave us an important opportunity to offer our at-home testing solution to their most important asset: the fans.

The Tom Brady Effect: How to Optimize Performance at Any Age

While the average career span for an NFL quarterback is three years, Brady has been playing for two decades and at 43 just led his team to a victory. And while there’s no question that Brady’s football career is far from average, his ability to optimize health and performance is achievable at any age. To show you what I mean, here are five key ways all of us can translate his approach into our daily lives.

Why Low T Might Make You More Susceptible to COVID-19

Since March of 2020, we’ve seen how men are more vulnerable to COVID than women. Newer studies report that COVID-19 affects men twice as frequently as women and that men have a significantly increased risk of severity and mortality with the virus. Emerging vaccine research also shows that men have a lower antibody response to vaccines in general—meaning COVID vaccine efficacy may be higher in women than men. When it comes to COVID-19, why are men more at risk? There are a few scientific theories on why this gender gap exists, including psychosocial behavioral differences and genetics, but a new study points to another culprit: low testosterone.

How We’re Providing At-Scale COVID-19 Vaccination Solutions in Minnesota, New Jersey, and Delaware

At this point, states have been given a limited supply of the vaccine, but distribution still poses significant challenges. What we’re doing is providing a scalable, turn-key solution to implementing adequate staffing, managing the vaccine cold chain, and facilitating patient follow-ups. Our approach has worked to increase distribution and ensure that the process is safe, organized, and efficient.

Introducing Same Day Delivery of Our COVID-19 Test Kits

In April of last year, we partnered with RUCDR Infinite Biologics and Spectrum Solutions to become the first company to offer an at-home FDA EUA authorized saliva test for COVID-19. Since then, our tests have helped countless individuals, universities, municipalities, and corporations stay safe during these challenging times. Recently, we’ve launched a new program to make getting tested even easier: same day delivery. That’s right—your at-home, same day delivered PCR test is just one-click away.

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